Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Volunteer - Happiness For All

The way human beings are taught needs to be changed.

I see how since a very young age, children are programmed to be fearful and afraid. They are told that if they don’t study hard, they won’t get a job. If they don’t top their exams, they will be failures.

They are told that they need to stop living in a dream world and start getting serious. Parents are filled with fear and start applying for admission to nursery and school even before the child is born! They are afraid that if their child doesn’t get into a good school, their life will be doomed.

Do you know of someone like that?

The irony is that this is exactly the kind of programming that makes people miserable in life. They might end up becoming engineers or doctors or lawyers or whatever else the society wants them to be, but deep down, they aren’t satisfied.

They aren’t in a state of mental, physical or spiritual bliss.

It isn’t their fault. It isn’t even the fault of their parents. It is the fault of the education system that was designed on the basis of fear.  A system that was designed by the Colonial Rulers who wanted to rule over people.

It wasn’t meant to enlighten people or ensure they lead a blissful life, but instead to condition them to never question, obey orders and function like machines.

Human beings are meant to laugh, joke, play and live a full life. Success doesn’t mean you have to be serious. Have you seen a child play? The child is filled with energy, joy and laughter. It is this creative and dynamic energy that can help us achieve anything we desire.

Children and adults need to be given knowledge that is relevant in a rapidly changing world. We are living in a golden age of knowledge – and yet, only a very tiny percentage of people benefit from it.

Everyone needs to realize the powerful laws that work in nature that lead to success, health, happiness, love, bliss and peace. Everyone needs to realize that we are all one. The world needs to realize the wonderful benefits of giving and having empowering emotions.

In order to achieve our missions of Happiness For All, we have started a volunteer program. We launch it first in Mumbai, and then spread all over.

The first thing needed is a venue volunteer.  So if you have a venue (or can recommend someone with a venue) do let us know.

In addition to venue volunteers, we also welcome volunteers with expertise in social media, video recording, editing, logistics, IT skills and management.

The ideal volunteer is someone who just wants to give back. Click here to fill in the Volunteer Form

You don’t have to be a volunteer to attend the Happiness For All sessions, they will be completely free for everyone to attend.

I am excited (as always!) – let’s get started and get people to smile more and have a lot of fun!

Yogesh Chabria