Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How Challenges Can Be Our Biggest Gifts

I’m sure lots of students who have given their exams are upset and angry with the paper leak that happened recently. They will have to give their exams once again and this would affect their holiday plans or other plans. The education system should certainly become strict and stop such things from happening. But how should a student take this paper leak? Will it help to grumble about the paper leak constantly – or should a student simply accept what has happened and more forward?

Should a student look at this as a challenge that has come their way and look at the positive in it? Everything that happens, happens for a reason and we can always find the positive in things. So a student can look at this paper leak as an opportunity to improve on what they have studied. In fact they have excellent practice as they have already given the exam earlier, plus, the paper is just three more hours.

I had to lose an entire year in school in eighth standard because I was shifting schools. While in those days everyone thought of it as a bad thing, it was nice it happened as it made me work harder and in fact I came first in 10th standard because of my burning desire to succeed.

The rest of the time is still theirs and they can do anything they want. Throughout life, whoever has succeeded has had an attitude that looks at the positive in situations.

Today billions of people use Whatsapp, most likely even you use it. Did you know the founders of Whatsapp, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, desperately tried to get a job at Facebook and were unable to. The rejection from Facebook turned out to be their biggest opportunity.

They went on to co-found Whatsapp together in 2009 and then sold it to the same Facebook just five years later for $19 Billion. Imagine if they had been hired by Facebook, they would not have got the chance to create Whatsapp and sell is for $ 19 Billion.

In their journey did they face challenges? Of course they did – but those challenges made them stronger. Life is similar to body building or Yoga, a muscle grows and becomes stronger only when it picks up heavier and heavier weights. The more weight is picks up, the faster it grows.

In life too, we grow when we face challenges and push ourselves. Till we don’t push our mind and body’s we can’t grow.

Another story is of two young guys, who couldn’t afford to even pay their rent. Their landlord had given them notice to vacate and they needed to come up with money very very fast. They decided to rent out the sleeping space in their hall where people could sleep on air beds. This led them to the idea of creating AirBnB which is today worth billions of dollars. Anyone can now rent out a room in their house and make money. The founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia would never have become billionaires and created AirBnB had they not experienced the challenge of not being able to pay their rents.

In fact many times, I feel the people who are not born rich are the luckiest because they have to work harder and smarter to achieve their goals. Growing up as a boy, I couldn’t even afford the bus, but this made me smarter. I started selling toys at the age of 5 and even in school I would always be selling something or the other.

I had a passion to learn and grow. I’m sure if I had money when I was born and had been given everything on a platter, I wouldn’t have worked as hard and wouldn’t have been able to share my ideas and inspire millions of people with The Happionaire™ Series.

Today even countries that are the most advanced and progressive, from Japan to Germany are countries which haven’t been blessed with lots of natural resources like oil and gold. In these countries people are encouraged to use their mind and work hard. On the other hand so many countries in Africa and the Middle East are blessed with gold and oil, and these are places with the maximum poverty and war.

The human mind grows when it is challenged. It stops growing when it is not challenged. In fact we should always ask the Divine blessings to make us stronger to face challenges because after every challenge we come out stronger and better.

Another great inspirational example is the story of two young boys who were unable to get a taxi at the train station. It was very cold and raining and no taxi was willing to take them to their destination. They used this frustration as a challenge and decided nobody should suffer like them. They came up with Uber which today has revolutionized the way people commute. It also made Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp billionaires.

How many times has an auto or taxi rejected you? How many times has a company rejected you? How many times have you been rejected? How did it make you feel? How many times have you been short of money? What if next time you fact a challenge or rejection and ask yourself – how can I make the most of it? How can I use the infinite power within my mind to unleash my inner potential?

If I have been given this challenge, why not look at it as a gift and make the most of it?

This challenge is just meant to make my mental muscles stronger and something incredible is lying ahead in the future.

Best of luck and I am sure you will make the most of this incredible gift of life we all have!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anu said...

So very true Yogesh...i'll share this wit my children and show them this type of thinking...

Yash Mathur said...

wow sir....this is what everyone read and think like....super Yogesh ji!

Tania said...

i didnt know the story of whatsappp and uber....nicely written!