Friday, February 9, 2018

Why I Reject Clients Who Aren't Perfect

I have always loved sales and cracking deals. It's fun and and something I have been passionate about every since I was a small boy. 

CEOs, business leaders and sales professionals many times ask me on how they can increase their sales. One thing I regularly share with them is to have the power to reject clients who don't fit their needs and goals. 

Many people end up wasting precious time on clients who aren't the best suited for them and aren't giving them the desired profits. These 'troubled' clients take up valuable resources and also end up draining the positive energy out of people. 

I remember the Managing Director of a relatively small company with a turnover of around Rs. 750 crores (USD 100 Million) who wanted to make it a billion dollar firm in 5 years had come to me for guidance. Before I accepted him as a long term client, I wanted to be very sure this person is committed to this change as I would be investing precious time on the project. 

My team fixed up a meeting with him at 6 in the morning on the beach for his first consultation, at first he was a bit hesitant to come - but that was one of my conditions. He came to the beach at 6 and we had our first consultation session with him where he was to walk with me along the stretch of the beach. 

While I was paying attention to his challenges in business, I was also analyzing his mental capacity and how he reacted physically to the situation around him. We kept walking and after around 3 kilometers I could see he was getting really tired, but I kept walking. I wanted to see how much he was willing to push himself.

At around 4 kilometers, I asked him, "Do you want to give up?'

I could make out he had not walked so much in several years, and was sweating a lot, but he said, "No Yogesh ji, let's continue! I really want to do this." 

We went on further, and he was really trying hard to keep up with me, but still continued. He didn't give up.

Finally after walking for around 6 kilometer, we stopped and I smiled and offered him some fresh coconut water. I had liked his persistence and ability to not give up. That one morning walk revealed a lot more than a questionnaire would have. 

I accepted him as a client and we are having an incredible time working to attaining his goal of becoming a billion dollar company with the use of powerful strategies. 

No matter what you do, make sure your clients are perfect for you. As soon as you start rejecting clients who are not giving you what you desire, you will open up time and opportunities to attract those who are good for you.

Many times people settle for less than what they deserve, they settle for mediocre and compromise on their quality of service and product. 

Go ahead and make a list of clients or even people who are not adding any value to your life and simply reject them.  Then create a picture of your ideal client and make it a goal only to acquire clients who are perfect for you!

You will see incredible results - that's my guarantee. 

Have fun cracking deals!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

excellent- we many times waste time on clients who don’t add value!