Friday, November 10, 2017

Succeed The Happionaire Way Is Here!

Succeed The Happionaire Way is now LIVE on all platforms and available in all major bookstores!

All I can say is WOW! It's been a crazy journey and it's been tons of fun. It would never have been possible without your love, support and blessings! And of course I thank the Divine for making this happen!

I'm super excited to hear from you and do hope from the bottom of my heart that Succeed The Happionaire Way makes a difference to your life! 

Get your copy on - 

Amazon  (Also available on Kindle!) 

And at your local bookstore! 

Check out STHW on TV and you can also order via phone! 

Well go ahead, take action, start by gifting yourself a copy! (and then share it with everyone you know!)

Lots of smiles and love!

Yogesh Chabria 

“It cannot be stolen by a thief. It cannot be taken away by a King. It cannot be divided among brothers. It does not cause load. It always increases when spent. The wealth of knowledge is the greatest of all wealths.”
Timeless Sanskrit Saying


Vicky said...

Yogesh Sir, I just got the book today and can't stop reading it...its so exciting, fun and am also practising what you have shared. What I liked it is you speak like a friend! Really awesome book!

Aakash said...

Got the book today and was super imprssed with the hardcover and gold - first looks are great and then when I read sit through the night and finish it and again go back over and over again!!

Anita said...

just got my copy and finished the first chapter....really nicely written and very different from your other books...will be a great bestseller for sure! keep it up Yogesh!

Anonymous said...

you are an inspiration for all! God bless!

Nadia said...

reading STHW....did not know Neerja Birla was also part of your book with Virat Kohli and Shah Rukh Khan! super Yogesh ji!and as a woman story of Neerja is so inspiring!

Tarun Kansal said...

just saw your am about to write myself a cheque of $10 million the way you shared in STHW....hoping to realize it soon!