Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Succeed The Happionaire Way - The Book Coming Soon!

I know, I have been quiet on the blog and apologies to all the journalists who have been trying to speak to me - though I have been having lots of fun conversations with all our friends and fellow Happionaires who are connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am happy to share, I have completed writing Succeed The Happionaire Way (and am free to speak more once again!).

Writing a book and completing it - needs a lot of focus and a large part of my time was focused on making sure it is the best and most helpful book that is fun, easy and simple to read. This is why my silence for sometime. I also thank you for the initial reviews of the preview. It felt humbling and I feel truly blessed to have your wonderful feedback.

Now that the book is complete, I will once again be free to share my ideas here on the blog and happy to share more with everyone.

Just the other day we did a fun photo shoot (you can get a sneak peak here), I will be sharing a few photos, would love to hear from you on which one would look the best on the book.

Here are the two book covers - which one do you like?

The one you select - will be the one that goes in print.

I once again thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart and feel truly humbled and blessed to be able to do what I truly love doing - sharing ideas that bring about real long term change. Without you this journey would not be possible. And of course I thank the Divine Force and the Universe for making this happen!

I will be sharing more and will also be sharing a free preview of the book with all of you! Also all those of you who want to review the book - write to us with your blog, website, Youtube Channel, Facebook link or Podcast - we would love to send you a special copy.

Look forward to hearing from you, keep smiling and spreading the love!

Smiles, love and hugs,

Yogesh Chabria

(P.S. - I am super excited to be sharing this with you and want to make sure we reach the maximum number of people - your ideas, suggestions and just sharing is most welcome!) 


Rhea said...

Congratulation Yogesh, it is wonderful to see how the happionaire way has grown in 10 years still remember you first book when you were 23! this too will be a bestseller! best of luck!

Rhea said...

oh the cover, like the first one more!

Angad said...

congratulations Yogesh ji and all other happionaires! this look superb! i liked second one with blue!

Suresh said...

congrats Sir! you are truly so humble...please share preview and when is date of launch?

Ganesh said...

the second one - blue!

Rahul said...

congrats Yogesh! the blue one any day is more catchy!!

Sudhir said...

superb covers and looking forward to read the free preview and then the book - go for the blue one please!!!

Betty said...

Congratulations .....I personally liked the blue and gold more.....

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks so much for the advise, love and emails! We are going ahead with the blue one!

Yogesh Chabria