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What Is Real Wealth And Success - Yogesh Chabria

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Is real wealth only money? Is success only increasing sales, revenues and profits? Or is it much more?

Yogesh Chabria, a world renowned business coach, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with BSE Forum Views in this exclusive feature.

A very powerful CEO and his wife had come to me for guidance and advice. They desired complete personal confidentiality, which is something I always take very seriously for all my clients.

Everything in their life seemed perfect on the outside. They had all the money in the world, they didn’t have any debts and EMIs to worry about. Their children were well placed and doing well. They had a beautiful house, a wonderful lifestyle and the most luxurious cars.

They knew some of the most famous and influential people on the planet – from political leaders to sports and movie stars. They got invited to the most glamorous parties in the city. To anyone looking on the outside, their life was perfect – and yet they didn’t feel happy. Something was amiss.

They gradually opened up to reveal their inner lives. After years of being together, they felt they had drifted apart and no longer felt that spark in their relationship. Constant fights and arguments over the smallest of things had become commonplace. They barely spent any quality time together or had any conversation.

The husband’s phone had become his constant companion instead – business calls, Whatsapp, and the Internet had taken over every moment at home. While his career had rocketed up, his personal life had spiraled down. He was filled with anger, stress and anxiety, which in turn gave way to daily pills for hypertension and cholesterol.

The wife, on her part, confessed how she felt empty inside. She loved her husband, but felt that over the years, he stopped responding to her love. No matter how much she asked him to not spend so much time on the phone or the Internet and take more care of his health, he just would not listen. She had all the material wealth, but no peace of mind. Because of the atmosphere at home, her health, too, was affected – she felt depressed and hopeless.

I meet so many couples who are facing similar challenges. On the surface, we see the sheen of their success – they are high performing corporates and professionals, well-established doctors, lawyers, engineers and well-acclaimed entertainers. But the inner turmoil, the feelings of being lost and hollow inside, the internal conflicts often go unnoticed to others around them. They barely ever laugh together or even speak to their spouse and feel all hope is lost.

But there is always hope and there is always a solution. Life can be changed in an instant – if we really want to. It has always been my conviction and belief and something I have experienced not only in my own life, but also seen to ring true for millions of people all over the world, who have succeeded in changing their lives in amazing ways.

The first step to bring in change is to understand what really is true wealth and success. Is it simply achieving career growth and earning a lot of money? Or having a huge house, expensive cars, chic clothes and a lavish lifestyle with frequent holidays and dining out?

If it was only that, then this CEO and his wife, and so many others I know would not be unhappy or depressed. While material wealth and financial prosperity are very important, what matters even more is a state of fulfillment. A state where we realize that real success and wealth means a state where every aspect of our life is in harmony and balanced.

As human beings, we need to feel fulfilled not just financially and materially, but also mentally, personally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Somehow, these are values and topics that very few people are ever taught about. As children, society puts pressure on us to get good grades and then good jobs – we are rarely taught about the value of happiness and peace of mind.

People spend 15-20 years of their life achieving material wealth and career growth, and once they attain it, they suddenly feel lost and empty.

Luckily, it’s never too late to change. It is time to take control and break the mold. Now is a new moment and a new beginning and anyone can change!

I am happy to share that once this CEO and his wife understood this, they had immense change in their life. They feel happier, a sense of gratitude and peace of mind. They feel fulfilled. This inner transformation also helped them strengthen their bond and discover a new connection with each other. They have a new hope and desire to make the most of this wonderful life, together.

While they thank me for this change, I always tell them that it is not me, but they, themselves, who are responsible for it. I might have been a catalyst or a small spark, but everything else is a result of their own thoughts and actions.  The human mind is like an unlimited supply of fuel – sometimes all it needs is a small spark.

I want you to ask yourself - What Is Real Wealth and Success for Me? I would really love to hear your answers!

Yogesh Ch
abria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, ranked as one of India's best motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit:


Rajeev Bajaj said...

I can connect so well with this article Yogesh ji, because so man of my friends are facing similar challenges. So true and so humble of you to not take credit for the wonderful change you are bringing in society with your ideas.

Manjari Shah said...

You made my Sunday by sharing this article Yogesh, I shared it with my husband and we both accepted so much......really nice of you to talk about things that really matter..

Sanjeev Kabra said...

Really a nice true article strikes a hidden chord somewhere

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks so much! Always happy to add value!

Yogesh Chabria