Monday, March 27, 2017

Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Even Krishna Were In Sales - Yogesh Chabria


I love sales! It has been a passion since the age of 5. 

Loved this recent Happionaire Sales Seminar. Got so many people inspired to sell like Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Krishna!

Will look forward to hearing from you!

Yogesh Chabria


Gaurav Kapoor said...

Loved this session of yours Yogesh ji and it really helped me become motivated to go and sell more. Sales is aboiut taking control of the mind and being bold. Thanks for your energy!

Farzana said...

Excellent you gave me the power to make some call and sell!

Anonymous said...

So true all great people know how to sell - even realtionships are abotu selling!

- Sonu bansal