Monday, February 27, 2017

How I Start My Day with Nona Walia - Times of India - Times Life

Our body and mind are extremely intelligent and have been designed in harmony with nature. If we can match our waking up time closer to sunrise and sleep closer to sunset, we will benefit immensely - we will look younger, feel energetic and have a successful day.

I thank the Divine, read my goals, affirmations and my daily to-do list, which I write the night before going to bed. I visualise all the incredible things that will happen to me later in the day. It is a proven success technique used by some of the world's greatest achievers.

I practise jal-neti, a yogic kriya meant to clean the nasal passage and breathe freely. This is followed by drinking a glass of warm water as I listen to spiritual hymns and read spiritual texts. Then I meditate for 20 minutes; it opens me up to creative ideas and makes me calm. This is followed by 30-45 minutes of stretching and yoga. Breakfast is usually a nice big bowl of fruits and homemade muesli with milk and some strong ginger-tulsi tea. Mornings are great to connect with the Higher Power through prayer.

(Yogesh Chabria Business coach and motivational speaker)

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Sonya said...

Super inspirational and love your discipline Yogesh!