Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yogesh Chabria In Conversation With Hustler - Jitendra Vaswani

I recently had a very interesting conversation with an expert hustler, blogger, speaker and digital marketer - Jitendra Vaswani. Here is my conversation with him. He has also come out with a brand new book and at the same time faced an accident. 

Our best wishes for the success of the book and hope he recovers soon from his fracture! 

Tell us a bit about yourself Jitendra and what you do ?

I am a professional blogger, speaker and an influential digital marketer &  founder of Internet Marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com. & Product Founder SchemaNinja.com.  He had worked with leading companies like Zopper, Firstcry and Payoneer and helped them establish a formidable online reach. I started my entrepreneurial journey with his famous blog: BloggersIdeas which  is about Blogging, Digital Media and Technology. The blog became an instant success and Jitendra went on to establish my own Digital Marketing Firm & training institute called DigiExe. Based on my core principles of living on my own turns, working  on what I love and making the maximum effort every time, DigiExe has leaped forward and helped major online brands generate increased worth. Check out detailed portfolio : Jitendra.co

I was currently the Brand Ambassador of Payoneer( International Payment Solution Company) and a strong online influence over popular social media channels. I also take initiative to share my experience with young aspirants and budding entrepreneurs at blogging and  start-up events.

What made you become a hustler?

I learn the hustle word from Gary Vaynerchuk,  I was following him from long time and he taught me how to hustler.

Through hustle I want to make people realize their dreams, some people are afraid to take risks in their life, if they hustler they can achieve anything in their life.
I am launching my own book this month: Inside hustler’s brain: In pursuit of financial freedom.

This book will have lot of insights about my business & my life story. Why I hustle every day to achieve my goals and live a life of a hustler.

If anybody is interested to have my book can PM , I would be happy to give them review copies J

What is the importance of selling in success?

Selling is an art, I am learning this art currently so I am attending some workshops of experts who know how to sell on stage. I want to achieve a level of professional trainer and give value as much as possible. I had attended Millionaire Mind Intensive Chennai 2016 and I was amazed to see how trainers at stage were selling their stuff, people were crazy to buy their books and CD’s or courses.

Success Gyan and Success Resources team is wonderful job by having talented trainers at stage who knew how to sell and getting traction from the folks room.

These trainers were maintaining the energy flow into auditorium for 3 days and everyone was so charged up in those 3 intensive days.

So selling is important in business, if you know to sell then you can sell anything, Steve jobs was great marketer he sold billions of Apple products and people loved it. Whenever new iPhone version is launched people go crazy buying it. Steve Jobs is example of great marketer who can sell anything like bizarre.

How important is social media and SEO for someone's business to succeed in today's competitive world?

Social media and SEO is crucial part of any online business today, competition is huge in the market, if your brand ins not visible in online world then you are losing lot of money.
My business is totally depended on social media. I used Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram widely for my branding. I promote my brand and educate people through social media.

SEO is my main skillset, I am playing my blogging game in terms of SEO only. I am not investing much into paid marketing but gradually I am learning FB marketing. Because I have seen many affiliate marketer use FB ads and make huge money out of this. One of my friend from Bangkok who is making 5 figure income through FB ads, he invests a lot of money there & get success eventually.

So key here in social media & SEO is to keep trying new things and always keep an eye on your competitor. See what they are doing, in SEO I always try to keep watch on my competitors. Some tools I recommend here:

Moz.com Pro
& lot more tools.

I have also listed some best SEO tools here on my blog:  Best SEO Software Reviews: SEO Software Tools 2016

Use these tools as your source of information gathering and you will be amazed to see results for your business. Invest in right tools and see your business booming every day. I always prefer to paid tools over free tools. Because paid tool provide lot of data which free tool never gives.

When did you discover your passion?

I discover my passion when I was doing my 2nd last job in firstcry company, I decided to start blogging in 2013 and soon I got good success in blogging while doing job, after doing a job for 2.5 years I decided to say goodbye to regular job and started my full time blogging journey. Till now I am enjoying my life and creates valuable business assets like my product Schemaninja.com & my training institute in Jaipur Digiexe.com.
I have a great friend circle who always encourage me work on my dreams, so your social circle matters a lot, if you hangout with losers then you too will be a loser in your life. So surround yourself with people who are on the same mission like you.

What do you think about The Happionaire Way?

The Happionaire Way is cool, revolutionary and empowering and I love the way you are branding through your videos and blogs. Yogesh you inspired me to get into the training business. Thank you so much. I would suggest you to work on website UI more and make it more attracting by using more call to action buttons. Hope my suggestion helps you here.

Three tips you would give to make sure more people experience The Happionaire Way?

Surround yourself with great influencers
Don’t hangout with negative people who drag you down always
Attend more events and meet lot of people to learn about your business.

Last don’t give up on your dreams. Keep hustling!

What does success mean to you?

The goal is not to make so much money, the goal is to live the life in a way I want.
It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be financially free, I want to live healthy life with my family. It is my top priority, some people leave their parents in their old age, this is very cruel according to me. I am a very emotional person and respect my parents a lot.

What are your plans for 2017?

Goal for 2017 is to build financial assets of mine SchemaNinja.com Wordpress plugin for recommendations. I want to get this product into recurring business model.
Digiexe.com set up my own training institute at large scale and help as many people as possible.

I want to make India digital India. Many people are still unaware about digital marketing, I want to make them understand the power of digital marketing.

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How do you plan to achieve these plans?

I will make partners for my assets and will be working with team. Without good team no product can be successful. So I will have more business partners who are willing to work with me and grow together as dynamic digital marketers.

What will be your message to Happionaires all over the world?

Work on your dreams, if you don’t then someone else will hire you to fulfill their dreams. So have passion and meet lot of people and learn from them. Life is beautiful and you can make more amazing by following your heart J Keep hustling and never ever give up. 

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Radhika Shah said...

Excellent interview Yogesh and nice knowing about the power of digital. What is the name of the book?

Tarun said...

I liked your new video on fear as it inspired me to make a very important call and bring change. Thanks for sharing Yogesh and making us a part of the happionaire way....

Jeet said...

Hey thanks Yogesh for posting my interview. Here is my Kindle version book link : http://bit.ly/JVkindle

Jitendra Vaswani book.

Also my Digital Marketing SEO training institute is in Jaipur now I hope I see you guys there.