Friday, January 20, 2017

Jet Time Is The Best Time

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People who succeed maximize the use of their time. Yogesh Chabria shares his personal success strategies that have had phenomenal results.   

My girlfriend’s favorite song was “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. She is now my wife and it still continues to be one of her favorite songs. I fly much more than I used to earlier, as it is the quickest way to reach wherever I want to and my love for jet planes has increased over time. I am willing to pay much more to fly because I end up saving a lot of time.

Time is truly the most powerful asset in the universe as it can’t be saved in a fixed deposit and thus what we do with our time now, decides our future.

Some of the most incredible ideas, thoughts, books, seminars have come to me because of the time I got while flying or waiting in airport lounges. Here is a glimpse into a detailed strategy I use to make flying time more productive and fun:

1.    Plan Ahead

I always plan ahead and make a note of all that I am going to do while flying as these are precious hours where I won’t be disturbed by phone calls, emails and other interruptions.

So if I am flying from Mumbai to Delhi, I will make a note of all I want to do during those two hours. For example, I once completed writing an entire book on a long distance flight.

2.    Carry Tools

Once you have made a plan and decided what you want to do, make sure you have tools to complete your plans. So if I want to write, I make sure I carry my laptop, a pen and a notebook.

Maybe you want to complete reading a book on improving your sales, marketing or business skills or maybe you want to learn more about the world – make sure you carry good reading material. I like carrying my Kindle.

3.    Don’t Get Restless

No matter where you are flying, flights do get delayed sometimes. While you may have no control over the way airports and planes function, you have complete control over your own time. Instead of getting agitated and restless, use the time to complete your goals and plans.

You can comfortably sit in the lounge and focus on what all you have planned to do with your time. The tools you are carrying with you will come handy here.

4.    Long Lines and Security Checks

You need to wait in lines and go through security checks at all airports. Sometimes these queues are extremely long. While waiting in a queue, it naturally becomes difficult to read a book or use your laptop. Here I love carrying some excellent audio programs on my phone.

I simply plug in the headphones and while waiting, I am learning new things and upgrading my knowledge. I usually listen to audio programs on human psychology, success, growth and motivation. You can also listen to audio books on people you love and admire. 

5.    Window Seats, Business and First Class

I always prefer to sit near the window where I can peacefully focus on my work and prefer travelling first or business class. Sitting near the window makes sure I am not disturbed by people constantly wanting to go to the loo and getting up. This way, I can focus on what I am doing in complete peace.

First and business class offer more space and comfort and it is a proven fact that we can perform much better when we are comfortable and happy. In economy, take the emergency exit seats with more leg space even if you have to pay a bit more. ( The best and the fastest is aim to get your own private jet! )

Look at the amount you pay extra as an investment into maximizing the use of your time.

The above strategies have had incredible results for people all over the world. Invest your time well and I guarantee you unimaginable results.

Happy flying!

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way

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Rana said...

An excellent strategy and solution for anyone who travels to use their time smartly! Interesting how you keep sharing new thoughts Yogesh to make our life better.


Esther said...

Beautiful way to spend time - loved the thing where yo usuggest to carry tools!