Monday, November 14, 2016

Yogesh Chabria In Conversation With Anna Chandy

I love meeting people and speaking to them. That is the best way to learn and grow. 

Recently I was speaking to Anna Chandy. She is also well known for working closely with Deepika Padukone and heading The Live Love Laugh Foundation.

Here's my conversation with her:

Tell us more about yourself and what you do

I am a certified  trainer ,supervisor and counselor by profession.I have three main areas that I focus on private practice,training in organisations and also run groups with a focus to maximize psychological  potential.

I am passionate about mental well being as I believe mental well-being is the spring board required for an individual to leap into the universe and maximize his true potential to lead a fulfilling satisfying life.

 When did you realize this was your passion?

I recognized my passion  when I had reached a point of status quo and confusion in my life. It was a stage that I was exploring various aspects and opportunities as I had hit a ceiling and was feeling trapped and caged!

What drives you the most in life?

I am driven from my inherent passion and psychological energy from within.I believe that I am destined for success,dignity and joy.

Share some examples of how your work has helped people and changed lives.

My work has changed lives in many ways-yesterday a young man met me ,he had been 
bullied as a 12 year old and said that after attending one of my workshops at that time ,his outlook as a 12 year old itself helped him use adversity to go forward and become successful.

My work in the area of Mental health which has a stigma is changing through the work of The Live Love Laugh Foundation which I chair.Today TLLLF has begun the conversation on mental health to reduce mental health. TLLLF launched the first nationwide mental health media campaign.

What are some challenges your face? How do you handle them?

I face challenges of peer envy because I am considered very successful. I believe that this is natural and reflects nothing about me but them.

I interpret challenge as an opportunity for learning so I am not scared by it.

According to you what is your biggest achievement till date?

My biggest achievement is to date is the ability to believe in myself ,my abilities and my capabilities .

What makes you happy?

Quiet time,being generous and sitting on the beach and looking at the sea

What is the importance of happiness for success?

Happiness is a process and not the end result.In my view success can be an element of happiness but happiness is within  .

Do you consider yourself to be a Happionaire? If yes, why? If no, why not?  

Yes  I do because I feel happy irrespective of the current issues or context  in my life journey.

What are your future plans?

To create a mental well being society

What do you think of The Happionaire Way?

I appreciate the focus of the Happionaire Way.

Thanks Anna and wish you all the best!

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Rhea Mishra said...

Quote interesting to read about Anna. Thanks for sharing this Yogesh and do recall how brave it was of Deepika to come out and share her inner fears and demons.

Alan said...

I'm in America, is this the same Deepika who is acting with Vin Diesel?

Did not know she had depression earlier...very nice to know what you did for her Anna. I am curious to know what method you used for her?

Neetu said...

Enjoyed this interview.

Sunita said...

Anna's story is quite motivating.

cristina said...

Deepika padukone do whatever it is become a big news for her fans and others.