Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Importance of Wealth and Fulfilling Your Desires

Every since I was a small boy I  have always believed Shri Krishna is my best friend. In fact in school scrap books - I used to mention my best friend as God. I have also experienced that every form worshiped with a pure heart leads to the same Divine, religions might divide and differentiate but the spirituality is one. Humanity and love are Universal.

I would visualize playing with him and having conversations with him. 

He encouraged me to do so many things. One of these things was the importance of righteousness, wealth acquisition and fulling of desires before liberation. Many people talk only about liberation, but don't realize the importance of wealth and fulfilling of worldly desires. 

Till these are not fulfilled we can not have true liberation. Imagine you have always wanted to become a great singer, actor or sportsperson and instead of becoming that you give up everything and try to attain liberation or do something you have been forced to do. Your mind will always be lost in the thoughts of your desires and you will not be able to attain liberation. 

This is the reason if you desire to acquire wealth and fulfill desires, you should take immediate action and do it. This is also the reason why on Diwali we celebrate and worship The Goddess of Wealth - Goddess Lakshmi. And make sure you respect, care and love all the women around you as they are all forms of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. 

Wealth obtained the right way and positive desires are both beautiful and very important. This Diwali make sure you don't suppress any of these, enjoy yourself and don't hold yourself back from relishing on those sweets and cracking some good deals that bring in wealth

Celebrate wealth, life, beauty and love as these are what make life beautiful!

Keep smiling and a Very Happy Diwali to all of you! 

Yogesh Chabria


Tanya said...

A very Happy Diwali Yogesh!! As well as the whole happionaire family!

Yash said...

This is so different and so true, spirituality is fulfilling desires, wealth and then liberation. super happy Diwali!

Jonas said...

I never thought of it this way ... so religions should encourage people to get rich instead of poor!

Maria said...

Beautiful thoughts on how all of us are one......beyond religions and dividing forces we want love and happiness

Happy Diwali to you Yogesh from Russia!

Anne said...

I wish more schools, colleges and offices taught this form of thinking process which looks at success and also spirituality in a truly holistic way. We surely need more of this here in France and Europe.

Happy Diwali!!