Friday, October 21, 2016

Exclusive Interview With Yogesh Chabria, The Happionaire Way

I was recently interview by and had an interesting conversation with its founder, Yash Jindal. 

I enjoyed that their focus is on spreading news that is positive. He was sharing incidents of how many of their readers have been inspired to follow their dreams and how people with physical disabilities have found a new purpose in life. 

They have over half a million visitors now and have set a goal of reaching 6 million visitors in the next six months. I'm sure they will as they have set a definite goal in mind with a specific date! 

Here's the complete interview with: 

Yogesh Chabria's Interview With - The Happionaire Way - World's Best Motivational Speakers in India

The Happionaire Way – Yogesh Chabria is doing everything to inspire people to help them achieve their goals

In this technological age everyone is over occupied and stressed. People to people connect is eliminating. Even families are connecting with each other through technology. This is becoming a great concern.

In this competitive world, people want more and more positive energy to do better things. In order to positive energy, one needs continuous motivation. This what Motivational speaker Yogesh Chabria is doing with his initiative “The Happionaire Way”. We got a chance to interview Yogesh. Here we are presenting his thoughts as what exactly he is doing to Motivate people.

Thank for your time Yogesh, please let our readers know something about yourself?

I was born in a middle class family and since we didn’t have a lot of money, I became even hungrier to learn more and succeed. As a small boy of five, I started selling toys and since then have sold almost everything from clothes and shoes, to luxury real estate. I have worked in almost every sector from being a door to door salesman to mentoring the World’s Best CEOs .

Through my life’s journey where I have succeeded and sometimes failed temporarily, I have realized that money isn’t the only thing that defines wealth and success. There is a lot more that is needed to be truly successful and happy.

That’s really encouraging! What inspired you to start The Happionaire Way?

A passion to change the way people think, work and live and bring in a mindset that looks at success in a more holistic way. The teachings of The Happionaire Way are based on universal principles that have been practiced by the most successful people over the past 5000 years, maybe even since the beginning of time. I have spent over 20 years of my life researching, studying and above all practicing these principles.

Whenever, I haven’t practiced these principles I have failed. Whenever I have practiced these, I have succeeded.

What kind of response have you received with your initiative?

Almost everyone who has experienced the training programs, seminars, videos and books has become a lifelong follower. They have introduced the teachings to their friends and love ones. More and more people every day are using the powers of The Happionaire Way to succeed in their careers, personal lives and above all discover their own selves. 

I am thankful to God’s grace and the love people all over the world have given me. I am truly blessed.
The Bestselling Happionaire Series by Yogesh Chabria

On your journey so far how what is your satisfaction level from the progress of “The Happionaire Way”?

When I see someone having a breakthrough in their life, when I see someone doubling and tripling their income, when I see someone discovering love, friendship and laughter, it gives me immense satisfaction.

When I share knowledge and happiness with people around me, it increases my state of wellbeing and gives me an inner peace.

What are your plans going forward?

I want every human being to be a Happionaire. The entire world should be filled with Happionaires. It’s very simple.  

What are the challenges do you see and what’s your plan to overcome those?

Challenges are a part of daily life. If you don’t have challenges you aren’t living. People who are close minded to new experiences, to new growth and people who don’t want to succeed are a challenge since the beginning of time.

But eventually they realize how the only thing constant is change and progress. To succeed you need to do things you are passionate about. You need to be driven to do what you want to no matter what comes your way. No challenge is too big if you believe and act as a winner with faith in a Higher Force.

The Art of Time Expansion - Audio Learning Program - Yogesh Chabria - The Happionaire Way

In this stressed world how you keep yourself motivated?

I have developed a system which works very well for me.  I practice meditation, read the Srimad Bhagvata or Geeta, listen to spiritual hymns, exercise and laugh.

When you realize nothing is permanent, you will feel incredibly motivated to play this game and win.

Thanks very much Yogesh. We are sure you will continue on this path to inspire people and we will extend all support to spread your message to our readers. 


Reena said...

An excellent interview Yogesh that really must be followed. I am sure your goal will be achived as this world truly needs more happionaires!!

Ted said...

Very inspiring........

Wendy said...

Challenges are indeed a part of daily life, well said but we need to be stronger and stronger!

Karthik said...

You are so right the joy we get when we make someone smile is pricless!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Yogesh ...but are you saying we should not watch regular news?

Rahul said...

Congratulations Yogesh!

Tarun Sharma said...

"When you realize nothing is permanent, you will feel incredibly motivated to play this game and win."

One of the best lines!