Friday, October 28, 2016

Are You Ready To Receive Wealth?

28th October is a very special day for me. It is my birthday. 

When I was in school, I would make sure I told as many people as possible about my birthday and then I would also ask them to get me gifts. It was lots of fun and believe me I got more gifts than anyone else. 

I would also tell all my friends how Bill Gates shares his birthday with me and how he is in great company and everyone would burst out laughing with me. 

I am still quite similar to how I was back then. I still let people know my birthday is on the 28th of October. I still enjoy receiving gifts and still share how Bill Gates is in the company of great people. 

It  is very important to give and it is also very important to being open to receiving.

I have received so much love from all of you. I thank you for the gifts, the wonderful greetings, the love, the phone calls and emails. I also loved the fact that so many of you decided to gift me by buying yourself The Art of Time Expansion and having fun with it!

I truly believe that when you are open to both receiving and giving, you start attracting wealth of all kinds. Not just financial, but even love, happiness, relationships and friendships. 

Every now and then I see people closing themselves and not being open to receiving. If someone compliments them, they don't take credit and accept it wholeheartedly. They are not open to receiving love. They are not open to laughter. They are not open to receiving gifts. They are not open to receiving more money for their goods and services. 

We need to realize that the giver gets pleasure in giving and we need to be open to receiving. 

The next time it is your birthday try this out. Tell everyone you know it is your birthday and tell them how you expect gifts - something wonderful and magical will happen in your life. You will firstly make everyone laugh and then you will start getting the most interesting gifts. 

While I got so many beautiful things - here is something I thought I will share that really made me smile. I was speaking to Saad yesterday, he heads a very cool company called Creative Maniacs and started it in his bedroom with less than Rs. 5000. He is 26, a few years older than me and I told him it is my birthday. And today he sent this: 

I thank all of you for the love from the bottom of my heart. It is truly humbling and thank God for his grace, feel truly blessed!

Lots of love to all of you and have some extra cake on my behalf! 

Keep smiling,

Yogesh Chabria 


Raina said...

Happy birthday Yogesh!!! Lots of love and keep making us smile and laugh!

Ursala said...

WOW! I didn't know you and Bill Gates shared the same birthday!!!

So it is Happionaire and Billionare!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Yogesh! And loved Time Expansion has helped me a lot.

Gaurav Shah said...

I have been a part of the happionaire way family now for over 7 years Yogesh and have enjoyed your ideas that have helped me a lot in my life. I thank you for making us smile and helping us learn so much more.

Being ready to recivie is such a big gift.

Rita said...

I have never told anybody about my birthday and realized how i was indeed holding myself back from getting all that is nice and now will try this ...thanks for sharing this

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday - belated!!!!!!!!


Suraj said...

You are less than 26 Yogesh?? WOW!

Ira said...

I think he is just joking Suraj!! Hahahhaha...

Harish Rijhwani said...

Happy Birthday Yogesh ji, May God blesses you with a healthy, happy and
long life, so we all continue to receiev your wisdom and guidance in our
lives, for many many years to come......😊😊


Harish Rijhwani

nikunj said...

yours ideas r grt. thats why god has sent u tho this world on 28th oct to spread happiness.
happy birthday.... Yogesh

Jasmine said...

Just began my first session with the Art of Time Expansion Module! It's addictive, seriously. Very well-explained.... Going to have loads of fun & learning enrolling myself into this, Thanks & Happy Birthday!

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks so much for the lovely words, blessings and warmth. I thank the Divine for the blessings and with your love will continue sharing ideas and at the same time learning more and more from each one of you!

May you be blessed with happiness and smiles!

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Dear Yogesh Belated Wishes! May god bless you. Muddan Happionaire

Sheeba said...

Was very nice of what Saad - creative maniacs have done and loved their site.....nice to see young people doing things that are bringing positive change!

Happy B'day - Yogesh!