Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Every Startup, Business and Founder Can Learn From Rajinikanth

I love Rajinikanth – he is a great success story that teaches us valuable skills. He worked as a carpenter, coolie and ticket collector before becoming one of the World’s biggest known stars with a massive fan following.

I am inspired to write this especially since I will be speaking at Manifest – The Founder’s Summit on The Secret Teachings of The Goddess of Wealth and The Goddess of Knowledge 

on 30th July 2016 at 10 am at TAJ Vivanta, New Delhi, where
business founders, entrepreneurs and change makers from all over will be coming. I look forward to seeing you too!

Things Every Startup, Business and Founder Can Learn From Rajinikanth are:

     He Understands His Customer

He knows what his fans want and treats them with utmost respect. His fans are truly his customers and he is known not to endorse any brand, no matter how much money is offered to him. By doing this, his fans automatically hold him up to a higher pedestal and higher standards. He doesn’t work for any brand – but for his fans.

Every business should understand and respect their customer. Never do anything that will harm the interest of the customer – no matter how tempting the short term gains.

      He Surprises People

He returns money to distributors when his films don’t do well. While the distributors didn’t expect this, he surprised them positively with this act. This ensured his trust and brand value increased not just amongst other distributors but also amongst fans.

Every time your business faces a challenge – use it as an opportunity to surprise people positively. The simple act of replacing a bad product or service can mean incredible goodwill and higher long term profits.

He Values Time

He is known to reach shoots before time and never makes anyone wait. He values not only his time – but the time of everyone around him. This automatically makes others respect him and his time even more.

Every business should value their own time as well as the time of their customers and employees. Make sure people calling your call center aren’t waiting for ages and make sure people don’t waste time. Eventually people stop going to people who waste time.

He Is Spiritual 

He started acting at a very young age and got great exposure when he started acting in plays at the Ramakrishna Math where he learnt and read about spirituality, the Vedas and the Geeta. This ensured he not only worked on his acting, but also got a sense of balance to be prepared for greater things.

Every business and human being will face ups and downs. There will be challenges and the best way to handle these is to keep a balanced mind. Spirituality and meditation are all great tools for bringing this inner peace and balance without which we cannot succeed.

He Is Modest

He is one of the largest global stars with a brand value that is hard to imagine, and yet he is incredibly modest with everyone. People on his sets, irrespective of who they are, praise his modesty and humility.

No matter how successful you or your company is, be modest and keep learning. Once you become arrogant and stop learning, there will be a million others waiting to overtake you. There are countless companies that lost out on growth and customers because they became arrogant.


Ram said...

Beautiful post! Long live Rajini Sir!!!

Subra said...

I didn't know that he worked as a coolie also. Great story and inspiring. Would love to come to Manifest but not in Delhi. When are you coming to Bangalore Yogesh?

Anonymous said...

Excellent to know about Manifest and Rajni!

- AD

Irina said...

Great to know about this and very nice to see the line up at Manifest!