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The Happionaire Way Makes The BSE Brokers Forum Smile!

It was a great pleasure doing the exclusive interview with the wonderful team of the Award Winning BSE Brokers Forum Views and loved the incredible comments, emails and calls from Happionaires all over the world.

Special thanks to the wonderful team of BSE Forum Views: Vispi Bhathena, Dr.V.Aditya Srinivas, Monika Hariya and Harshad Gajera for making it such a great cover! 

Forum View’s Exclusive Interview with one of the world’s most sought-after speakers, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and founder of the Happionaire® Way: Yogesh Chabria.

What is the Happionaire™ Way all about?

The Happionaire Way is about making business, work, finance, investing and life simple, fun, interesting and entertaining.  It is about being happy, healthy and wealthy in all ways and making the most of this lovely existence we have been blessed with!

As a part of the Happionaire series you have written several bestsellers on successful investing, business, career and life. What is the one thing someone should do to be more successful?

The easiest and also the most fun thing anyone can do, is to simply invest in knowledge. Once you are empowered with knowledge, you will automatically start being in control, you will start making the right decisions, your revenues, income and profits will all go up. You will have more clients. You will feel happier and you will automatically be more successful. You will have better relations with your friends, family and loved ones. You will feel healthier and will experience bliss. You will be happy and have peace of mind.

I have always believed that if you have Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, you will automatically attract Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Nothing is more important and powerful than knowledge in the Universe. And once you have knowledge make sure you take action – because all the knowledge in the world is useless without action!

So if someone was to choose between a billion dollars or knowledge, what should they chose?

They should choose the ability and knowledge to be empowered to make a billion dollars, while being happy, healthy and having a balanced life filled with friends, family and loved ones. This way, they can make it over and over again. And not just them, even their children and future generations can do the same. They can use the same knowledge to scale that up to ten and hundred billion dollars. Not only that, they can contribute to society by creating millions of jobs and empowering others as well.

So many people inherit money or become rich by selling land, but if they don’t have knowledge, they spend that money on useless things and get bankrupt within no time. There are countless such cases. On the other hand, there are people who start with nothing and go on to be immensely successful. I too was born in a middle class family, like countless others, and it is knowledge and passion that have empowered me to achieve any goal I set for myself. Personally, I will always choose knowledge as the best tool to succeed and create wealth.

Unlike normal books and talks on finance, your focus is on creating entertaining stories. Your book Happionaire’s Investment Secrets For Women, for example, talks about making investing as tempting as chocolate cake and as attractive as Shah Rukh Khan. What is the reason for this?

Only if people are entertained and find things exciting, interesting and simple, will they start paying attention. Who says finance, business, work and life should be boring and serious? The best way to succeed and spread a message is to make everything fun and exciting.
On Happionaire TV for instance, we have the most exciting and fun shows that enlighten and entertain and people from all age groups love it because they can relate to it.  

What prompted Happionaire’s Money Game, a book meant for children, who are not even considered potential target when talking about financial education or financial literacy?

Countless children and parents love that book and have gone on to learn about business and finance at a young age because of it. A small 8-year-old boy set up a lemonade stall at his school after reading my book and made a profit and wrote to me about it. Such things bring a smile to my face and make me very happy.

You spearheaded some key discussions at the WEF this year, which had over 20,000 from all over the world. How was the experience?
It was an amazing experience meeting different people, doing different things yet all sharing the same values. I spoke largely on inspiring women to follow their dreams and succeed. They loved the talks and after my sessions many of them came up to me to ask for personal guidance and advice. I was happy to share and inspire them to do what they truly want to.
Many of them have now further boosted their businesses and ventures in diverse areas – from art to science. I continue getting emails from so many of them and I feel happy to know they are benefiting from the Happionaire Way.

While you speak about spreading knowledge and empowering people, it is mostly Fortune 500 companies, prestigious Universities, global Platforms and Royalty that invite you to speak. Is it only they who can afford you?

Anyone who wants their company and people to grow can afford me. They invest in my talks because the knowledge they get is immensely more valuable. They experience increased profits, increased satisfaction, their employees stay with them for longer and costs are reduced. This is why they keep calling me over and over again – the benefits are incredible and real. 
As an investor myself, I believe in giving the best return on investment. In addition to that, I have a blog, a column and books that are extremely valuable and easily accessible.

Can you share an example?

There are so many. One company, for example, was having difficulty getting new clients and profits were dwindling. I came up with a detailed strategy and spoke about it to 100 people from their sales and management team. Immediately within a month, their sales increased with the innovative methods shared. Immense positive energy and vision was pumped into all of them with a clear idea of the goals they had to achieve. They had so much positive energy and knowledge, that their clients felt it too and placed huge orders.

In another case, I ensured the company links up all their offices with a videoconference network – this saved travel costs and time. Employees became more productive and had more free time. I then suggested they ‘gift’ such a system to their top ten clients.
Immediately sales went up from these clients, as the clients could contact and see them anytime. Business is all about trust and relationships. It is about achieving goals with confidence and dedication in the fastest way possible.

As many of our readers are people from the financial field, can they also benefit?

Indeed – the world of finance has immense potential in India. Financial penetration is extremely low. What happened with mobiles, surely has to happen here too. Billions of clients are waiting to be tapped by people who are going to be smart and creative about it. Those who won’t will risk being wiped out. The same way the telex and fax got wiped out with the internet and email.
Knowledge is priceless and ignorance is extremely costly.

What do you think about the growth potential in the Indian economy?

India has immense potential and I am sure this potential will be realized and unleashed because of the wonderful people we have. There is immense passion, zeal, energy and hope for building a nation that will be the world’s best in every possible way.
We have immense soft power from Bollywood to Yoga and Meditation – and a huge population that has immense consumption power. There are a few risks, but I am confident we will overcome all hurdles and be a place where the values of democracy, freedom and creativity are valued.
India is one of the best places on the planet to invest in right now and for several decades to come with incredible opportunities. All you need to do is open you mind and think how you are going to benefit from these.

In cut-throat competition, a lot of businesses are shifting focus away from work-life balance for their employees and the focus is always on targets. What is your take on it?

Goals and targets are the most important thing for everyone – right from a business to an individual to a nation. Without a goal and a target – you can’t reach anywhere. However, a work-life balance can ensure goals and targets are reached much faster. Just because someone sits at his desk for 16 hours- doesn’t prove he is more efficient and adding more value – for all you know he is wasting time without a clear focused goal. They are overworked and can’t think correctly, they are suffering from anxiety and confidence levels are low.

The World’s Most Successful businesses all ensure their employees have a balanced and happy life. In fact in a country like Germany, which is known for its economic and engineering prowess, it is compulsory to take a holiday.

I tell people to try it for a month – and if they don’t see any benefit they can go back to their old ways.

Everyone I know has benefitted immensely professionally, personally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially by adopting the middle path. I get immense inspiration and guidance from the Gita, meditation and spirituality, all of which talk about the middle path. The entire world can benefit from these teachings in order to succeed.

And do remember Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity while sitting under a tree and 

Archimedes shouted Eureka when he was relaxing in his hot tub.

It was inspiring to read about the SMILE Foundation and Virat Kohli Foundation charity dinner that you supported.  How does one encourage the feeling of giving and sharing?

I believe the feeling of giving back and making someone smile is the most beautiful feeling and what the Happionaire philosophy is all about. Everyone who has succeeded in life has always given back. Look around you, and you will see this for yourself. The more we give back, the more we make everyone smile and be happy, the more peaceful we feel within. Giving back is a natural instinct within all of us.

Some of the best things that have happened to me have been simply because of giving back. The more we give; the more goodness we attract and that helps us succeed in all areas of life.

Happiness and a state of bliss grow when we share with everyone around us. Life is beautiful and filled with happiness. We simply need to re-discover this part of us!


Yogesh Chabria is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and educator. He is the founder of the much loved Happionaire™ Way of Life that has influenced countless people. Do Subscribe to his free blog on

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Anu said...

Congratulation to you and all Happionaires! It is an incredible cover and lovely interview.

Truly how you are Yogesh - continue doing the beautiful work and inspiring the world to reach their goals and succeed!

Diana said...

A wonderful interview Yogesh. Congratulations to all Happionaires!!!

Truly the feeling of giving back is lovely!!!!

Anonymous said...

The strategies you shared make a lot of sense. Sales and reduction in costs are very important - but a work life balance is what is needed for helping a more positive approach in companies.

- Naresh

Mansi said...

A must read interview for anyone who is working in a business. This should be shared with every CEO to bring in things that will benefit everyone and bring in great change and transformation.

Keep inspiring Yogesh and proud to be a Happionaire! It is a message benefiting the entire world! The theory of Karma are so powerful!

Anita said...

This is the best interview i have read Yogesh as it is so inspirational, motivational and the advice is something every company and human being should use to bring about powerful change.

Keep spreading the wonderful and magical views and postive energy. We all look forward to seeing you soon!

Karthik said...

Super interview and wonderful credit must be given to Forum Views and Vispi and the others for coming out with such a nice issue.

Sunita said...

Where can we buy this maagzine? Want to have it in my collection!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring and powerful lessons!

Samir said...

Beautiful thoughts and interview Yogesh.

I shared it with 80,000 of our employees spread over the globe as they can learn a lot and even got it translated into French and German.

This is what really inspired me:

Some of the best things that have happened to me have been simply because of giving back. The more we give; the more goodness we attract and that helps us succeed in all areas of life