Friday, June 24, 2016

Why Things Would Be Different if BrExit Was Called BretIn

Words have immense power. I have always believed the right words have the power to change lives and destinies. The right words can create immense success and the wrong words can create massive failure.

One word will end the European Union the way people know it is BreExit.

The biggest thing that was obvious to me was that when everyone used the word – BreExit, there would definitely be an exit.  The word itself puts the message in the minds of people – which is simply to Exit. The sub-conscious mind, which has immense power, starts thinking about Exiting everything it hears Brexit.

Instead of Brexit, if it had been called BretIn things would be very different. On a sub-conscious level the more people heard the world Bretin, the more people would think about Britain being In and not Exiting. The percentage by which Britain decided to leave Europe was only 4% - it would be very easy to influence these people, if all they heard around them was Bretin, instead of Brexit.

The power of words is truly incredible and I have seen the change in the lives of people by simply changing words. I am regularly invited by various companies to help them find solutions and almost always the problem is that they have people who have been using the wrong words.

They have been using negative words with their employees and customers. Once these words are changed, automatically the mindset changes, once the mindset changes – actions change. Once actions change, automatically success comes in.

Try it in your life and I guarantee you, you will see the difference. So if there is a challenge you are facing, replace the words you use and make things look very easy.

So instead of saying, “I am not so good at this…..”, simply say “I am great at this and I keep getting better and better…” and “I will easily make this happen for myself…”

Once you start using powerful words, you will automatically start feeling incredible and this power will be felt all over your life and in your actions. The right words have gone on to help lots of people and corporations I know to increase happiness, confidence, loyalty and sales. 
They now have a lot more loving relationships, peace and happiness.

Powerful people use powerful words and weak people use weak words. People filled with love, use words that are positive and filled with love. People filled with hate, use hateful words. The more time you spend with someone, the more you realize how they are based on the words they use.  

What Brexit teaches us is the importance and power of words - instead of worrying about the effects of Brexit and the markets crashing temporarily. What everyone needs to do is pause and observe what words we use in our life. From the time we wake up in the morning – are we using words that are in complete harmony with our passion? Are they in harmony with what we want for ourselves, for our relationships, for our goals and for the way we spend our time on earth?

A large part of the success of The Happionaire®Way right from the books, to the trainings and events has simply been because of using the right words. These are words that signify love, happiness, knowledge and a life where we can achieve whatever we desire and work towards it with complete passion.  

We have an incredible brand new Happionaire® Website Live in action and thank all of you for the love and support. The journey has been almost a decade now and we are going to continue spreading happiness with the right words. It is truly humbling and God’s grace.

Lots of smiles and love and make sure instead of watching too much news – you have fun with your friends!

Keep sharing the smiles and happiness!

Yogesh Chabria  


Simon said...

It is quite funny what you say and might actually be true Yogesh. If Brexit was called BretIn which sounds like Britain I think it actually might have stayed.

The power of words is certainly immense.

Manoj said...

This is refreshing and new Yogesh ji.....the newss is filled with so much noise and keeps repeating the same thing whereas this is so new and different.....I will surely try using this.

The new happionaire website is great and very refreshing! best of luck to all!

Anu said...

Words are powerful and this is what we need to teach in every school college and company for success!

Who did the new website? It looks s nice and loved your picture Yogesh - very dynamic!! Just like the real you!

Manisha said...

Great story! Great motivation! And one of the best websites I have seen. It was high time the Happionaire website needed this!!

Anthony Larson said...

What is your take Yogesh on the Brexit on the world of business and finance?

Irina said...

Lots of smiles and love to you Yogesh and all other happionaires from Russia. I loved the wrods of encouragement and will start the practice of this immediately......when are you coming to moscow? your message is much needed for the world of happiness, peace and love!

Anonymous said...

Your words are like tonic for the mind...they train it so well....what steps to take now on brexit? any opportinitites the way you had shared in cash the crash?

- Krish

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments and the love! :) My view on Brexit in terms of pure finance is - it won't have as much of an impact. It isn't the end of the world and good businesses with happy customers and employees will grow no matter what.

Bad businesses that don't have happy customers and have employees that are unhappy and filled with stress will not succeed.

Brexit doesn't mean dooms day! Look around and make the most of everything you have!

Lots of smiles and love,


Padma said...

I agree completely about the power of words.....have seen organisations transform because of the loving use of powerful words


Jai Pansari said...

Sir, Whats your views on BITCOINS