Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Value of Wood, Gold and Cash Through A Time Machine

I got countless emails from fellow Happionaires all over the world who wanted to be at the super incredible WEF talks. Here we have one of the videos of the talks as well as official photos from WEF! It was super fun!

Here are the photos:

And here is the what everyone had been asking;

The Value of Wood, Gold and Cash Through A Time Machine

I will look forward to hearing you and what you thought of it! Keep smiling and spreading the happiness!

Yogesh Chabria


Akash said...

Superb!!!!! Missed this ......but loved it now!

Juhi said...

It was a nice talk and simple to understand. I have already heard one of the stories on the piece of wood and also read it in the book but still nice to see it in action. The other one with Angelina was very much fun and nice!

Umesh said...

I am happy to see this - and will want to see more videos and shows. This must have been a big show as the stage was so nice and big. Keep sharing more with us Happionaires!

Love and humilty and wishes to all and hope I can one day see you live in front of my eyes !My love to you Yogesh Sir!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than the fun and love of Happionaire energy!

Tim Brown said...

Loved the unique views and ideas Yogesh!

Karen said...

I am right now in Canada and really enjoyed the power of a piece of wood! Also loved your sense of humor!