Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Happionaire Talks At WEF

I had lots of fun with The Happionaire Talks at WEF and got to meet some incredible people who taught me so much more on varied areas– from the importance of sleep to the amazing things one can do with life, work and relationships simply with the power of our mind. All the things we learn should go on to make our lives better, happier, healthier, wealthier and more productive.

There were people from 100 countries attending with over 20,000 people from the Royal Family of Kuwait, serial entrepreneurs and decision makers from multi-billion dollars companies, to educators from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT, to even Miss North and Miss South America. There was a live feed which went out which was watched by millions of people all over the world. 

It was beautiful to see all of them experiencing, enjoying and benefiting from the Happionaire Way and loving it!

So many of them came up to me after the talks and was happy to know they benefited from our message and felt inspired and empowered. I was happy to give them some personal mentoring and inspire them further to go out there and bring their ideas to life and help their companies grow faster and better and achieve all their goals!

I am sure all of them will be able to do whatever they desire once they take action powered by knowledge and passion. For instance Anne-Marie with her super cool initiative ArtPort wants to bring about change for the way people consume food all over the world with Art as a basis of the message. I believe this has immense potential in a place like India as well as the world wide world as everyone needs to eat right and also grow the right type of food that is in harmony with the environment. Or the incredible things Anu Vittal has done for art and business and how she brings in a new concept of being an Artepreneur - as well as the lovely stories she has to share. 

I get immense pleasure in sharing ideas and helping people!  The good we do always comes back to us manifold and thus keep doing good!

Here are pictures from the talks which have been taken by someone whose talks I personally enjoyed a lot – YY Low of Healtology. Where she shared beautiful insights into the world of NLP and also how important sleep is for staying healthy, looking young, fresh and being more alert. I think every business can use her advice and expertise to be healthier and happier.

I enjoyed speaking with the incredibly talented and entrepreneurial Elim Chew (who you can see in the pictures above) who also happened to share some beautiful stories about how she met Nick Vujicic, who after meeting her went on to inspire people for success with his talks even though he has no legs or hands. And now charges over $ 120,000 per talk, but gives much more value to people. As well as Elim’s habit of not listening to negative voices and doing what she believed and desired in – i.e. street fashion with 77th Street - that has become one of Singapore's best known brands and made Elim a very popular face. She also very sweetly gifted me a signed copy of her book, which I will be shortly sharing about.

I loved the beautiful experiences of Lily Zhou (seen in the pictures above) who went from a village in China to create successful businesses in America and how she didn’t even speak English when she landed there.

Also it was nice to see so many Happionaires who turned up at WEF. For those who couldn’t come and have been asking for the videos of the talks, we should be getting videos soon and will be sharing it. I am sure the lovely people at WEF will have some Youtube videos soon to ensure can listen and watch them anytime – anywhere.    

A big thanks and compliments go to Magdalena Sieradzka - who I saw managing some incredible situations with incredible patience and coolness. Dr. Harbeen Arora, Dr. Vinay  Rai, Mansi Mahajan,and countless others who made such an incredible event happen with incredible grace and humility. And of course to Aanchal Bhatia, who herself is doing some beautiful things in the world of entrepreneurship and health!

I also got inspired by Magda’s story, who went onto meet Obama and several others, soon after landing in America without knowing anybody or even speaking English. I will be sharing these and more shortly as this fits in very well with a lot of my experiences with the use of the amazing powers of our mind!  

Life is incredible filled with wonderful experiences and opportunities. You can truly do whatever you put your mind to, filled with passion and focus and simply start working towards it – it has to happen! There are so many established systems and methods we can use to implement this. I speak from personal experience!

I love hearing from you and continue sharing ideas thanks to each one of you! Keep writing and sharing! 

Have a great weekend and keep smiling! 

Yogesh Chabria


Kim said...

Super cool post, pictures and great stories of Elim, YY, Anu and Magda! Want to see the videos of the talks soon!

Roy said...

WOW! Nice to this Yogesh! I would love to know more about what Anne-Marie is doing!

Akshay said...

I had come to hear you speak Yogesh and loved the way you shared ideas and added so much fun and humor. I also loved Lily and Elim's story's and talks.

Do share more about what happened with Magda as well as all the others. They seem like interesting ladies with stories to share. I am happy the Happionaire Way is spreading faster and faster all over the world. The world needs to be happier.......

Love and peace to all!

Tina said...

Humility is the most important thing we can have and happy to see that while you spoke so well to so many people you say that you learnt more and shared stories of so many people. Something I admire.

Raj said...

So lovely and inspirational knowing about Nick and what he has done. Keep sharing more and inspiring us all Yogesh with all the experiences you have.....also have told our company to invite you and hope you can make it here in Canada. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

When is your next talk? I would really like to try and make it. It seems like nice work done by Dr. Rai and Dr. Harbeen and the others. Also Mansi's House of Kapaali looks pretty colorful alongwith Artport!

- Nadia

Harsha said...

Oh..what a co-incidence I know Anu from Canada and also Elim from Singapore! Nice to see Happionaires from all over the world! A powerful message that is changing the world and lives............................keep sharing.......and loving!

Reena said...

It is so nice to see people sharing ideas. I am curious to know more about Elim's book - and read it myself.

Anonymous said...

I did see Magda's website and am so very curious to know how she ended up meeting up Obama without knowing anyone and not even speaking English.