Sunday, April 3, 2016

What We Can Learn From School Children

As a part of The Happionaire Talks, I have largely spoken at multi-billion dollars corporations, corporate seminars, Universities, Parliaments and to Royalty. Each experience is unique and besides sharing ideas and knowledge, I too have learnt a lot from the incredible people I meet who are contributing to the global economy and have interesting stories to share. 

However this time, it was a very different experience and as always I got to learn a lot. I had been invited to speak at DPS (Delhi Public School) and felicitate the graduation ceremony of small children entering the first grade. 

It was incredible to see them prepare such incredible dances, poems, fashion shows and even recite oaths that they had memorized so well. It was also nice to see how proud the teachers and parents were to see the children doing so well.

Children are like small saplings, they need to be nurtured and taught the right values and empowered with knowledge. Once that is done we can have an even greater human race and these children will go on to create a better world with newer advances in all areas. 

I am happy to know we are building newer schools and creating a society where knowledge is valued. That teachers and parents are realizing that a holistic approach to teaching needs to be adopted. 

With children, I could sense a great purity, innocence and a desire to achieve and incredible happiness. While handing over their certificates, I could sense they were much more happier entering the first grade than several large CEOs who have just won multi-billion dollar contracts. 

We can learn from them to be happy in the moment and make the most of this wonderful life. 

It was lovely meeting Happionaires at schools and it inspires me to see that our future is so bright and filled with happiness and confidence! I am happy to share the pictures and will look forward to spreading The Happionaire Talks to more and more people!

Lots of love to all!

Yogesh Chabria 


Maya said...

Superb post and nice to see you speaking to children. I look forward to welcoming you to our company for the talks.

Shreya said...

The children are looking so cute - really tiny happionaires!

Sam said...

Incredible stuff. Keep sharing and spreading the love!