Sunday, April 17, 2016

Make The Universe Work In Your Favor

The simplest way to make the Universe work in your favor is to have goals. 

That is why I love having goals - because every time I set a goal for myself it feels as if the entire Universe works in my favor to help  me achieve my goal. It is simply incredible the immense power a goal has.

Every cell and atom within me and around me works towards helping me reach closer and closer to the goal. It is that simple. 

You need to pause and ask yourself - what is your goal? The human form is the most incredible of forms and we can truly do whatever we desire as we have unlimited potential within us. 

To start, simply be with yourself, and ask yourself what is your goal? When I was in school, I had a different goal and later on my goals kept changing. Now I have a new goal and I know I will achieve it because of the power of the Universe on my side. You too can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself, because the same power that is with me, is also with you. But first you need to know deep within your heart what your goal is. Every cell and every part of you should know your goal and you should start experiencing yourself moving closer to the goal. 

You need to start visualizing yourself achieving the goal, you need to start seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling you achieving your goal. Feel and experience the glory you will get once you have achieved your goal. Start living the experience and you will sense not just yourself but the entire Universe working towards it.

The goal can be personal, professionally, educational, physical or spiritual - whatever it is, you need to set it and make sure every single day you feel it and visualize it. 

Once the goal has been set, you will feel yourself automatically working towards it, gradually a plan will appear in place, you will start attracting people who will help you achieve your goal. You will start meeting new people who bring the goal closer and closer. You will start reading books and articles that enhance your knowledge on your goal. 

In fact, the reason you are reading this, from all the infinite things out there is because this is the right moment for you to set a goal and move in the direction of achieving it. I speak from personal experience and believe from the bottom of my heart, you can achieve whatever goal you set your mind to. 

In the journey you might experience temporary set-backs, learn from them and continue moving on. There is nobody who has achieved something and not experienced such set-backs and challenges, they just make you stronger and stronger. You won't believe it but when I was in school, I was hesitant to even speak in class, forget speaking in front of countless people from all walks of life. 

I have new goals now and I want to thank each one of you for always being a part of the ever growing Happionaire family and the reason I continue sharing ideas and spreading the message of knowledge and happiness is because of you. I love hearing from you and love it when you continue sharing the ideas, because knowledge grows when we share. 

I have simply shared what I have experienced and would love to hear from you, because I believe we are all continuously learning from the incredible Universe we are a part of. 

Lots of love and smiles!

Yogesh Chabria 


Yashna said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspirational piece Yogesh. It inspired me to move towards setting a goal.

Frank said...

Agree with every single is so simple what you say ...........yet so powerful! Just got me thinking to write down my goals.........

Rohit said...

It is so increidble the way the Happionaire movement has spread all over the world and the simple message of happiness and success being spread by all here - please continue sharing more ideas and spread the smiles with all the love and humbleness!!!!

Anonymous said...

A message every human being should read. Every school, office and university should share this.


Ankit said...

Wow! Lovely and powerful message for whole world! You are the best and inspiring and one if the best motivators!

Ankit said...

Wow! Lovely and powerful message for whole world! You are the best and inspiring and one if the best motivators!

Awadhesh K Singh said...

I too strongly believe in every word of yours. Probably it is what we should be teaching our children
over and over, in schools, homes, playgrounds everywhere. Thanks for sharing Yogesh ji.


Awadhesh K Singh