Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Should I Do To Benefit From The Budget?

Here is a recent article I sent to Moneycontrol 

Find out how you can benefit from the budget by asking questions and using your knowledge. 

There have been countless talks on what the budget means and what will be the impact of the budget on various sectors. While it is always good to invest in various areas, if you are someone who likes to be active and do something more you should look at starting a business or providing any service that can benefit from the immense economic growth that will be happening in the coming years. The stock markets are not a great place to earn a regular income and it is extremely risky if you solely rely on them to generate a regular income. 

The potential India offers is huge and we can simply follow the Government and the areas they are looking to invest in. There will be immense outlays in various sectors, and if we follow these sectors we can benefit in a big way.

To sum up the budget in a few lines is that the focus has been to bring the hundreds of millions of people in rural India into the globalized and fast growing economy. While increasing the taxes marginally for the urban rich. What changes you would have seen in the past fifteen to twenty years in urban India from an influx of world class airports to excellent places of entertainment and work, will soon happen in the rest of India in the coming years. 

It makes a lot of sense as the nation can grow in a more holistic manner. If everyone around you is happier and wealthier it is definitely going to benefit you. Here are a few things you can do:

Find out where the government is investing money and try and see how you can benefit from those sectors. With large sums of money going towards sectors like building highways and roads and towards agriculture the demand for services and raw materials pertaining to these sectors will offer immense potential.

For instance, try to find out what things go in making a road - would the demand for raw material like Bitumen go up? Would the demand for equipment go up? Would there be a need for experts to design these roads? Would there be opportunities to open a eatery along the new road being built? Once you start asking these questions you will automatically start getting answers. 

Moving ahead to areas like agriculture, I believe the ability to grow food is one of the biggest assets a nation has and someone who ensures we have food on our table should certainly be rewarded. Would an focus on agriculture lead to increased demand for fertilizers? Would consumption of products like Urea increase? Or will we need more eco-friendly and organic methods and fertilizers? Would there be an increase in consumption patterns in rural India? Would they be needing more power in the form of alternative energy?

Will the increased incomes lead to demand for other products like education, healthcare and entertainment? 

Once you ask these questions, you will automatically get answers. The more questions you ask, the more answers you will get as I believe all knowledge is within us and the more we search the more we find. 

Look at the budget with a large perspective. Do not simply look at it in terms of the marginal increase or relief you might get in taxes, but at the large picture and you will benefit in more ways than one. 

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria 

It was incredible to hear the feedback and views of fellow Happionaires on our last post - Does Music Connect Us To The Divine?  - I got to know from Pratyush that the human thought can influence water as per a research in Japan. From Neenu Kewlani I was happy to know the Happionaire Way is inspiring and helping her spread her message filled with positive energy. Read about her and how she is India's first Miss Wheelchair winner in this excellent BBC article. She regularly shares her story and do invite her if you want to be inspired by her story!

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent take on what we can do in life too. Stay Postive and move ahead!

Love to all!

Huma said...

Beautiful words Yogesh and excellent inspiration to know about Neenu and Pratyush.