Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Art of Negotiating

Negotiating is one of the most underrated skills. Our conventional education system doesn’t teach children anything about negotiating even though it is one of the most important life skills to have and almost every area of our life is impacted by it.

I have always enjoyed negotiating - as a small boy I used to go to the big wholesale bazaars of Tehran and Bombay and negotiate and get deals on all sorts of things - from toys and books to clothes. Most of the older shopkeepers were surprised by my age, but eventually I got good deals and also ended up becoming friends with the shopkeepers. I love negotiating and it is something I enjoy and I believe a skill every Happionaire should have.

I enjoy it so much, that in high school many of my friends would ask me to come along with them when they went shopping for jeans and shoes so that I could negotiate the best deal for them.  I wish more children, students, employees and business people were taught the art of negotiating. 

It is one of the most important skills you can have in business, employment and in life. Yet, I see so many people looking down on the art of negotiating and also ignoring to imbibe this very valuable skill. More and more people shop at stores where prices are fixed - and need to polish this skill. No matter who you are - from the President of a country to a homemaker - this is a valuable must-have skill. 

The art of negotiating can help you in all situations and while it is something that needs to be mastered over time with practice. While I can write an entire book on the subject of negotiating and still have more to share, the best thing to do is simply indulge in negotiating. It is a skill like swimming or riding a cycle – you need to experience it and keep practicing to see what works for you.

If you have never negotiated – start at the most basic place. Start by shopping for fruits and vegetable for home and see the best deal you can get. Keep practicing it regularly with different sellers. Try all methods – keeping one thing in mind, make sure you have immense love and respect for the person you are negotiating with. Insulting someone or getting into a fight is not what expert negotiators do. Try visiting places where there are no fixed prices and your skills are tested.

After a while you will automatically start improving and start enjoying the art of negotiating.

You can then move to other areas, you can take part in signing contracts, purchasing goods, equipment, hiring of service, employing services and more. Your skills will also come handy while you are selling your own goods and services and will be a great asset against competition.

So you might want to sell a certain product or service at a higher price or might want to negotiate the salary of someone you are hiring. You might want to negotiate with your children or family the gift for their next birthday.

Politicians, diplomats and good leaders are ones with excellent negotiation skills. Make sure your children, students, employees and people you care about are empowered with this basic and yet powerful human skill.

Keep learning and keep sharing!

Lots of smiles,

Yogesh Chabria


Zaid said...

Yes indeed Yogesh. The best skill someone can have is the art of negotiating and it is sad that school and colleges don't teach this. Superb stuff and proud to be a part of the happionaire family that keeps teaching me so much..........

Priyanka said...

Any book or do you have any talk or program where you can teach this? Will be happy to attend it.

Sudhir said...

Are trying to belittle other skills by giving so much importance to negotiations?

Zaid said...

I don't think any skill is being belittled Sudhir ....what is being said and you can't deny is that negotiating is a very important skill which we all need to have.

Peace and love!!