Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Life Is Like Holi

Life is an incredible celebration. Every moment is beautiful and special and will never come back. The human form is the most special of all forms and we must make the most of it as it a gift from the Divine. 

Life is a lot like Holi filled with all sorts of colors, shades and moods. There are bright and vibrant colors in life too and there are dark colors too. All the colors go on to make life incredible. If life had only a single color, it wouldn't be as special. 

In fact not just human life, the entire humanity and the Universe has been inspired by Holi. We have human beings of all colors, races, religions and beliefs and they all go on to make this incredible existence. Throughout history this is the cycle that has been going on. Different people mix together and create a wonderful melange of colors and shades. 

There are people playing the part of goodness and people playing the part of evil - but the universal theory of karma always works. If you plant seeds of good - you will get good and if you plant seeds of evil, you will get evil. 

I pray for each one of you and I know each one of you reading this has immense good within you. You have immense potential and immense happiness within you. Simply believe and experience the goodness this Holi. 

Share more of the goodness. Share more of the happiness and spread the joy. 

Life is a celebration - make sure you celebrate every moment! Don't stop playing and make sure you play to enjoy! I got some incredible organic colors made out of turmeric, beetroots, spinach and other vegetables. You too should get it and make the most of the moment!

Lots of love, happiness and smiles! Wishing every Happionaire which is every human being a very Happy Holi! 

Yogesh Chabria 


Anonymous said...

Lots of love and Happy Holi to all Happionaires!


Maya said...

Happy Holi! A lovely message every human being should celebrate Holi!

Anonymous said...

We look forward ti hearing you Yogesh at our company and benefiting from these excellent ideas anf messages that every human being should listen!

Proud to be a part of the Happionaire family...