Sunday, March 27, 2016

Are You Spending More To Be Happy?

I am sure all of you enjoyed Holi and the excellent winning of the Indian team! 

As a part of The Happionarie Talks, I recently shared a message that is very close to my heart and extremely important as the world and society changes rapidly.

The simple question - I want to ask you is Are You Spending More To Be Happy? 

Happy watching, sharing and learning! Do share your views and ideas! I love hearing from you!

Lots of love, smile and happiness!

Yogesh Chabria 


Suresh Mehta said...

I love watching and experiencing all the Happionaire Talks and Videos, they are so simple and love the way you explain things. Makes a lot of sense. Indeed has me thinking about getting invested partly in Ola or Uber. Which one is better?

Aditi said...

Excellent message and will surely reduce my spending.........inner peace is what is truly needed.....which leads to being happy.....

Karan said...

Superb message Yogesh ji!

Suresh...I think Uber is better than Ola!

Suraj Mehra said...

Enjoyed your talks and will look forward to more. Our generation needs to realize tha tto be happy we don't need to look at our neighbor's BMW - but our own heart.

Mahesh said...

Congratulations for the great win and the excellent, inspiring talk. Happiness is the truest form of wealth and if we are happy we can work and do everything better!

Puja Khanna said...

I am someone who never is too interested in things like finance or investing. I work in PR, however you message is so simple Yogesh and makes so much sense.

So many of us simply keep working more to earn more and spend even more. But to be honest, while it is fun, it doesn't give long term peace of mind or happinees. To be happy is indeed the most important as shared by others.

Pankaj Nath said...

Hi Yogesh

I agree we are spending more to be Happy. Whether it is in the terms of going abroad or anywhere in India for vacations or going out for Dinner /movies etc.

In our childhood days, we were more happy and content in family get together on the occasion of any festival or marriage; the trend which is fast fading due to nuclear families and more work pressure.

So we are searching happiness in Materialistic things and spending more for the same.

Pankaj Nath

Harish Rijhwani said...

Respected Yogesh Ji,

HAPPINESS is freely available and in abundance, as you already know, it depends on a individual how he/she achieves this. I do not think HAPPINESS cost any thing, so the question of -Are You Spending More To Be Happy? does not arrives for me atleast. Even though i agree with , what you said in this video..

In my opinion, once people start making more money than they need, i think it becomes a EGO BOOSTER to spend more money than they should.

But, otherwise our Happiness should never depend on these external things.


Harish Rijhwani

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely views.

I think it is very simple to retain the simple things Pankaj. It is us who complicate the simple. A few things are good - like travelling the world - it isn't important to stay in fancy places, but the simple fact that we can travel more and meet people is what enhances our world view.

A simple meal with the family, filled with jokes and laughter is extremely precious.

Harish ji, it is the "Ego" that is causes the maximum problems. Look at what is happening to so many large business men who are falling in the debt trap - simple because of "Ego" - if they didn't have an ego, they could have enjoyed living with the riches they have forever.

I get to learn so much from the ideas shared by all fellow Happionaires and this inspires me to learn more. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Keep sharing and lots of love!

Yogesh Chabria