Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What To Do When Stocks Markets Are Falling?

Every time the stock markets fall - a similar thing happens. Several people start panicking, as they watch their money disappearing - either in stocks they have invested or in Mutual Funds they have invested backed by the advice of experts, bankers or investment advisers.

I have always believed that I am no expert, as once I become an expert I will stop learning - thus I am a learner for life. Whenever stock markets fall or things get hard, the first thing I tell people is to go out there and pick up Happionaire's Cash The Crash as the same things keep repeating themselves over and over again. I share my experiences 

Nobody can predict the stock market movements as they depend on the way the masses think. If millions of people suddenly panic - they will sell stocks, if they suddenly feel good about things, they will buy stocks. I would never advice anyone to simply depend on a cash flow by simply investing in stocks and do nothing else.

Now the stocks markets all over the world have been going up and down and in such times the best thing to do is not get carried away by the views you hear all around you - as you will simply be carried away and influenced by all the noise around you.

All you should do is sit in a quiet place, without anyone around, close your eyes and observe your breathing or chant a single word you consider to be the most powerful. It could be of something you have immense faith in and you will soon realize your mind becoming clearer. Do this for fifteen to twenty minutes and you will feel calmer and your mind will be able to think better. This how simple meditation is. In the beginning, you might find it difficult and your mind will wander away, let it wander and bring it back to the word.

Gradually you will gain control over your wavering mind. The benefits of this are incredible and you will feel it in ever aspect of your life, right from your relations to your health and work. The world can be a much better place if schools and offices simply give people fifteen to twenty minutes of time to do this.

The stock market is only one area where people can look at investing a small part of their capital, however what should be seen is how you can use your incredible mind and intelligence in the best possible way.

I believe that there is a lot to do in this world and we can all do it only if we come together and think about it as one unified force.

Anywhere in the world, when I hear about people taking extreme views - either on the Left or Right, I believe their will be conflicts. This might be in the stock market or in politics or at colleges. We have all learnt that the Middle Path is the best - where we are balanced in our views, thoughts and outlook.

Keep smiling, keep learning and make the most of the moment! The happier you are now - the better you will feel!

I look forward to meeting all the students - we are having talks for!

Lots of love and smiles,

Yogesh Chabria

I am happy fellow Happionaires had such incredibly and enlightened views on our last post - Banks Don't Want Their Money Back 

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Pratyush said...

Thanks Yogesh as always for your incredible advice. It is fundamental and basic advice and yet very powerful...I am invested for long term [as long as i dont need money] and see what transpire.I am reading "The Snowball" by Alice Schrorder, a book on Warren buffet.

Warren mentioned that his success is based on simple success ideas and still wonders why others are not able to replicate it.

Good read..

Gratitude and respect for all you are doing..