Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do Your Children Know The Value of Money?

Imagine you have been used to getting everything you have wanted every since you were a child. So if you wanted any toy - you got it. You wanted sports shoes with lights - your got them. You wanted a fancy remote controlled plane - you got it. You wanted a fancy remote controlled car - your got it. No matter what you wanted, your parents go it for you.

Suddenly you have finished education and are in the real world. You are working for someone or have started your own business. Will your boss listen to every wish you have? Will your customers listen to everything you want? You have fallen in love with an actress you have seen on screen, will she suddenly accept your proposal? How will you feel if suddenly after so many years, you start facing rejections? You have never learnt the art of loving and being happy with what you have. You have not learnt that many times you need to work harder and smarter for what you want. You have not learnt to fail and face challenges. Would you start facing problems like stress, anxiety and depression? Would the world look like a terrible place? I am sure you already know the answer to all the questions asked.

I meet people from all sections of society and one thing I have noticed is that the middle class more than anyone else seems to be hesitant and afraid to speak about money to their children. They want to fulfill every desire their child has. So no matter what the child wants, they buy it for their child.

If their child wants a fancy and expensive toy, they buy it. If he or she wants a fancy gadget, no matter how expensive, they get it for the child. I know every parent loves their child and want the best for them, but when things start coming so easily and when everything is given, it starts creating lots of problems.

They don't realize that they need to teach their children the value of money, the value of respecting the fact that their parents work hard for their money and they don't need every single thing in the world to be happy. In fact cell phones are for dangerous the mental health of children.

Just because someone in school has something, doesn't mean you should have it too. Instead parents should teach them the values of life, of love, happiness, family, spirituality, sports and give them the gift of books.

As a child I used to buy second hand books and loved reading all sorts of comics and learning about the world. I used to sell those comics at a profit and loved making the money. Once children are empowered about money, about even earning it at a young age, they will be better prepared for this world.

If your kids are very small, simply give them a few seeds, a pot and some space on the building terrace, or compound or balcony and let them grow some fruits. They will learn what investing is. They will learn to take care of the plant, to water it regularly, to make sure their are no pests and after a period of time, they can enjoy the fruits. This is how simple investing is and it is not rocket science. This is one of the main reasons I wrote Happionaire's Money Game and I have heard from countless parents and children how the book changed their life and how it helped them learn so much. This is what makes me smile and soon we will be having talks across schools to help instill this simple and basic knowledge of money, do make sure your child's school is also on the list.

Since thousands of years man has been doing it and we have it within us.

Parents should spend time with their children and in this time teach them all that is good, share stories, encourage them to make mistakes, to play in the mud, fight with other kids, get bruised and take risks. Over time, they will become stronger and smarter. Leave them free and don't give them everything they ask for.

I am so happy my parents didn't give me everything I asked for. I am so happy they slapped me sometimes I did something wrong and am so happy they allowed me to read, write and play the way I wanted to. I am so happy they didn't force me to do things I didn't want to.

Your child has one life and make sure it is lovely, because it is you who has given them this life. There are wonderful opportunities and make sure your children are prepared for them as they are our future. We want a nation of happy, healthy and prosperous individuals who value humanity and make this world truly blissful.

Lots of love and smiles,

Yogesh Chabria

I loved the lovely emails and messages from fellow Happionaires on our last post on Why India Will Be The World's Best Economy  - I would love to spread this message to as many people as possible and was thinking of doing some video messages. Any suggestions on this?

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Anonymous said...

sir your writings are always very interesting to read...though I am not fond of reading much articles but I always read yours . Thanks & keep it up
Vishal Vadehra

Neha Mehta said...

Loved your book Happionaire's Money Game for my 12 year old son as well as for the family. My son goes to an IB school and have told the school, they will be getting in touch. Hope you have the time to attend and speak to the kids.

Best wishes,

Neha Mehta

Sonia said...

Yogesh ji, our family is in Delhi and here in schools kids are always competing with others for designer clothes, cars and other things. I made my daughter read your book and she loved it and now has become more aware.

Will you be also visiting Delhi schools to give talks?

Sonia Singh

Mohan said...

I can understand what you are saying Sonia. This seems to be a case for a lot of our kids across schools.