Sunday, January 24, 2016

You Are A Small Seed

Once there was a small boy, he was playing in the mud. A few older boys started teasing him and wanted to bully him and started telling him, "You are so small. You are like a tiny seed." 

At first the boy felt bad and ran away home to his mother and started crying. His mother, consoled him, hugged him and lovingly told him not to cry. She told him, "Those boys were right. You are like a tiny seed." 

"What doe you mean?" the small boy asked.

"A tiny seed can become a tree. See those large mango trees and those other coconut trees, they were all tiny seeds in the beginning. With proper care, they grew into large and powerful trees. You too can become powerful and grow, if you work on yourself. If you invest in learning and improving yourself. Make sure you learn and strive and surround yourself with good people."

The boy smiled and nodded. He was indeed like a tiny seed and knew he could do and achieve anything he wanted.

We are all like that small boy and we all have tiny seeds of immense potential within us - all we need to do is regularly water these thoughts and seeds. We need to work on them and fertilize them with the right thoughts and surround ourselves with good people and eventually we will achieve whatever we desire. 

We too can change the way we think and the next time someone tells you something you don't like, simply change your perspective and use it to your advantage.

You are indeed a small seed - with immense potential!

Lots of smiles, love and happiness to all!

Yogesh Chabria

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