Saturday, January 16, 2016

Don't Worry About The Results

Many times, we don't understand an important message of the Geeta and the forms the basis of the Hindu thought process. It is something so universal that every human being, irrespective of religion can follow it and benefit from it. 

The simple act of not thinking about the result and doing our duty is often not understood. People wonder, how can they not think about the fruits and result. If you have worked on a project in office - you most certainly want to be rewarded for it. If you have worked hard and cooked a dish, you certainly want it to be liked and be tasty. If you have studied for your exams, you most certainly want to do well and score a high grade. 

But this is what causes most of our problems and gives us stress. We keep thinking about the result and forget about enjoying doing the action in the best possible way we can. If we do well, we suddenly become too happy and lose all sense of control and if we don't do well, we get sad and depressed. 

We lose control over ourselves and are like a lost boat in an ocean moving to the tune of the waves without any control. 

Imagine you did you work in the best possible way, without worrying or taking any tension about the results, how would you feel? If the results are good, it is fine and even if they aren't good, it is still fine. Simply changing your thought process will make you feel better and will improve your performance. 

When you start worrying about the result, you are blinding your mind, you are losing focus. Focus on your goal and work towards it with determination and even if you don't reach it, rise up again and learn and try again. 

The next time you take up a task, which I am sure will be soon as that is what life is about - make sure you keep your mind balanced and simply do your duty without worrying about the results. Give it your best and leave the rest to the Divine. 

I promise you, you will feel better and the results will be much better!

Lots of love and smiles!

Yogesh Chabria

I thank you and all fellow Happionaires for the lovely emails you sent for our last post - Everything That Is Happening Now Has Happened Before - Keep sharing and spreading the message! 


Rajendra said...

Dear Yogesh,

Thanks a lot for all your wonderful article!! May God Bless You, always.

Warm regards,

Ankur Gupta said...

Mr. Yogesh Ji...

Thank you so much for the nice article. ..

It's true we have control over Input only not result ......

Its lacking of awareness among the people....

Keep sending and making the people aware for the same......

Thanks again and lots of Love to you.....

Ankur Gupta

Rita said...

I too was always confused about it and now thanks for bringing clarity.