Saturday, July 18, 2015

Growing With Nature's Principles

I believe the most advanced civilizations are the ones who have learnt to respect nature and grow keeping the principles of nature in mind. Anything that goes against the principles of nature and destroys it isn't really growth.

For example, let me ask you a very simple questions. What is more advanced a car that burns traditional fuels such as petrol and diesel or a car that is powered by the energy of the sun? What is more advanced a factory that runs using coal or a factory that runs using water? As we progress we will realize that anything that maintains the harmony of nature is what is the best for everyone.

When I was a young boy, I used to read comics and stories of Lord Krishna flying on his Garuda, a giant bird. If we think about it, this form of flight is much more advanced that the airline of today. How would it be if we could once again fly this way and instead of burning fossil fuels and jet fuels, we used fuel from plants and nuts? How would it be if in the future we could grow homes and spaces to live in? And once old, these homes could once again become soil?

Everything is a cycle, I am sure there might be things in the past which we will once again discover and adapt in the future. Once we start keeping the principles of nature in mind and following it, we shall be able to advance in a more harmonious way.

What if instead of cars, we had biological transportation devices that got their energy from plants? Can we replicate the energy conversion system within animals and replicate it in other areas? Birds can fly by eating leaves and nuts, can we replicate flight using a similar method?

There is so much that we need to do and when we think about it, it makes us wonder how little we have done or know.

Instead of having city's filled with smoke and pollution, what if we had cities which were one with nature. What if the energy we are using right now, was generated with the help of the sun or the wind? What if every morning when we went to the bathroom, our waste matter was not disposed of, but instead used as fertilizers to produce more food in a healthy way without chemicals? What if the lights inside our homes was, actually the light of the sun?

I have been very fascinated and intrigued by the power of nature and want to meet others who are fascinated with the same. Can we implement these and make the world better?

I will be looking forward to connecting with you and also meeting people shortly for this.

Keep smiling, keep leaning, keep loving and making the most of this lovely world!


Yogesh Chabria


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