Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Show On Iran That Is A Must Watch - Ariana's Persian Kitchen by Ariana Bundy

I grew up in Tehran, Iran and have very fond memories of the place. It is an incredible place and I was very happy to watch a show on Nat Geo People by Ariana Bundy called Ariana's Persian Kitchen.

It shows the sights of Iran, that till now have not really been seen. The beautiful scenery, the gardens, the palaces and the rich culture and food. I was also happy to see that Ariana suggests good alternative vegetarian recipes as I am a vegetarian.

Anyone wanting a glimpse into Iran, should watch this show. You can almost smell the saffron and roses, when you watch the show.

I have seen three episodes till now and while the cooking is incredible, I found it entertaining to travel through various parts of Iran with Ariana. It was incredible seeing Isfahan and the lovely see-o-see pol (thirty three bridges) and one of the World's largest square.

I also enjoyed watching her with her cute son, where both of them are cooking together. May God bless them both!

It is an excellent show to help the world understand Iran better and also a great show to encourage tourism in Iran. You will be surprised how warm and friendly the people of Iran are. In the end people all over the world are the same and want love and friendships

In fact what is a co-incidence is that the current book I am writing on is on my journey growing up in Tehran, Iran where I share the sights and sounds of the country through my eyes. It will be surprising to most people to know how life is there in Iran, specially for someone who is a foreigner.

I have also been reading this very interesting book by Ruskin Bond, where he has written ghost stories. I am reminded of them time when I would sit on top of a tree and read books in summer holidays.

Life is good when we read and learn new things!

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria


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