Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why It Is Important To Go Down To Go Up

Thanks for the emails to our earlier post. I am happy to know so many of you enjoy writing - and you should simply go out there write and share your views and thoughts. It was also nice to know that most of you agree that life is much more than marks.

My good friends at CNBC, were suggesting to write on the Crash in the Stock Markets and comment on it as the book Happionaire's Cash The Crash, might be once again relevant, however instead of writing on the stock market crash, I thought of writing something else.

The importance of going down, the importance of falling and all that we realize when we are down. There is something lovely about being down, suddenly our mind becomes clearer. We realize all that is important, we realize all that we value, we realize all that truly makes us happy. The power and ability to fall, be down and the wonderful force and power that is needed to rise from being down is what makes life beautiful.

Every time I fall, while there is pain, I enjoy the feeling that comes with being down. It makes me closer to God, to the Divine and helps me think better. It helps me learn more and increase my skills. To rise in life, it is important to go down, it is important to be bruised if you want to win a fight.

If you want to go to battle and win, you can't go in expecting you won't be bruised and hurt. You need to be able to take the blow and the more blow you take the stronger you become.

In everything, start welcoming the blows, stand up with your chest open, with your face upright, and let the blows come. Enjoy being bruised, enjoy fighting back and the longer you stand, the more blows you take, the stronger you will become.

Every time the blows become too much and you fall, pray to the Divine, and with courage rise again and again and again. Rise so many times that eventually the blows become tired, become so tired the the Divine realizes that you want to rise and and hungry to rise.

Your hunger will be rewarded. What I say is not just from my personal experiences, but of countless people. Being down and receiving blows has what has bought the best out in me. People who are successful are in fact the ones who have experienced the maximum failure. Failure after failure after failure is what leads to success.

Life is a battle that you need to keep fighting. Enjoy the fight, the more you fight, the stronger your muscles get, the stronger you become.

Enjoy the fight and rise every time you go down!

Lots of love to all!

Yogesh Chabria

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nikunj said...

It has been long time u have not talked about the rupee depreciation. Plz can u share what will be the future outlook of rupee.