Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Power of Writing and Marks

I started writing at a very young age, I wrote many times as a way to express myself. Many times I wrote because I felt alone in a new place, without too many friends. I wrote because I didn't have anyone to listen to me. I wrote because I somehow felt a part of me connected to something more powerful - something truly Divine in nature.

I have always loved writing and whenever I started writing, my heart started to flow with thoughts and ideas. Even now as I write this I can feel something inside me getting awaken, it is as if an inner self arises and comes out to express itself.

I feel all of us have this within us, the power to express our thoughts and share our stories. I meet so many people, and every person seems to have such an interesting story to share. Everybody's life is so exciting and a lovely book can be written about each of the people I have met.

Life is indeed very interesting and I wish more people would discover the joy of sharing their stories. Just sit down in front of your keyboard and start writing, it could be anything and you will suddenly realize how much fun it is.

There is a lot of power in writing and it has been one of my best friends.

The 12th grade results were also declared, I was surprised to see how people are competing for marks. It is lovely to be educated and well informed, but it is shocking to see society replacing knowledge with a pursuit of marks. It is not healthy for society to put such pressures on students because live is much more than getting the highest marks.

Life is about learning new things, about being a good person, about being happy, about living life to the fullest. My congratulations to all who did well - but do remember that marks are not the only thing that matter.

Realize that in life you might fail and if you fail, it isn't bad but a lovely teacher. Don't make your life about competing with the world, but about being happy with who you are and doing the best you do at whatever you love.

Love whatever you do and you will surely do well.

God is with you and make the most of this moment!

Keep smiling and love to everyone!

Yogesh Chabria

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