Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thank You - Happionaire Meet Up This Saturday

I read all your emails and views and was very happy for all the love and support. It means a lot and it is this love that makes me want to write better and learn more and more. Of course a few of rightly said, that while writing the book, I should not be away from the blog. I shall follow their words and be here and learn along with you and regularly share my ideas and views.

I had a big smile when I read all the lovely emails from you and it inspired me. 

I am sure I could use all your help and feedback to make sure the book comes out well. While quite a few of you have asked what is about - I will share it when I feel the time is right.

After writing this post, I will go and write the book.

I fee there are two type of people in the world - one who look only at the negative and one who look at only the good. I like to surround myself with people who look at only the good in life. The friends and people around us influence us in a big way and decide where we will be in the future.

I suggest you to do  the same and surround yourself with people who are good, clean and pure at heart and like the positive. Challenges are a part of life and the best way to overcome is to keep positive and the Divine Force will make sure everything is good.

Today, pause and look around you and you will realize the people around you shape and influence your future. Ever since we were kids, we will see the people around us are very important. I pray and hope you surround yourself with goodness, with people who will teach you new things, with people who come from different backgrounds and areas of life to give a perspective on all that is different.

I was reading and hearing about a program, where every once in a way people from different areas are invited for a casual dinner and they all learn about each other. That way people in Medicine get to learn about people in the Film Industry.

Maybe we can do something similar and meet for coffee or dinner with a diverse group of people and exchange ideas, share laughs and smile?

I was thinking maybe we can have something like this Saturday night in Mumbai somewhere around Bandra-Khar? It is casual and fun and doesn't need much planning. A nice coffee where we simply meet, share ideas, smile and laugh. What do you think? I would love to meet you and learn from you and share ideas.If you want to take part, simply email your details, number and what is it that you do to give a brief idea about yourself.

There are so many questions and things I want to learn about the lovely Universe we have and in turn I too can share a a few interesting areas that will stimulate our minds!

Take care, keep smiling and make the most of now!

Yogesh Chabria

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