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What Happens If India and Pakistan Were To Merge? - Thoughts, Views, Questions and Discussions

So now the habit of replying to comments via the post, is further enforced as for some strange reason I am unable to see the blog on my laptop but it works on other devices. Pratyush, thanks a ton for offering to help - would be great if you could drop me a mail in private and we could start things from there. I think you are being over generous with your words, I am and always will be a learner of new things first! Everyone has something to teach us.

Now, our last post on What Happens If India and Pakistan Were To Merge?, got quite a few views, surprisingly most were positive. A few had their roots and family there and other thought it would be a great way to solve the Kashmir issue. As a democracy, Pakistan becomes safer for us all. 

Shailesh Mistry has left a new comment on your post "What Happens If India and Pakistan Were To Merge?": 

Nice thought. Just like there is no ideal world, similarly such things for India & Pakistan to unite is next to impossible. 

Well Shailesh, indeed, however you never know what can happen. The world is constantly changing. I am sure Europe would not have imagined at the time of World War 2, that one day you could just drive down from France to Germany without needing a visa and would have a common currency! Imagine what people in France thought of Germany at the time of Hitler.

Pratyush has left a new comment on your post "What Happens If India and Pakistan Were To Merge?": 

Interesting Perspective.During one of my interaction with one of my colleagues in Germany , I did bring about having something in the line of European Union where we have some of key Asian nations such as India , Pakistan ,Bangladesh where we can use same currency, travel within those countries with visa etc..My friend brought an interesting perspective that it will be great re-union between India and pakistan as it was between East & West Germany.

Being extremely positive human being , I strongly believe that we are at verge of reaching to our Next level of consciousness that will be based on co-operation. Recently , a study was done by leadership institute that mentioned that companies who work on co-operation /collaboration grown faster than companies that build on competition...I will meditate on above topic and write my perspective sometime later...

You are an incredible human being with such path breaking thoughts...Imagine how the world be if people start exploring such thought..

Stay Great

Very interesting views, yes the same thing that happened with East Germany and West Germany can happen in the near future if everyone works and thinks towards it. Eventually you can have an entire planet where we share a lot of common bonds and get rid of massive investments that go into weapons. 

This money can be used to develop new technologies and change the way we are as human beings. When you start thinking such positive thoughts Pratyush, they are contagious and eventually make a change. 

All thoughts start small as seeds and then grow into massive movements. It only takes a small handful to make a change. Indeed collaboration and working together makes all us move ahead faster, companies, countries and people. Will look forward to your views.

As I mentioned you are being overly generous with your words, however I would love to take your views and help on how IT can be used to spread our positive message to many more people out there. Would also like to know what other ways can we use collaboration? 

On a lighter note, imagine the lovely cricket team we would have, we would also have access to delicious cuisine, we would have two cities with the same name in the same country - Hyderabad! I do recall that back in the days, Karachi was just like Bombay. 

Lots of love and smiles!

Keep thinking!

Yogesh Chabria

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