Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Secret To Relationships

Every now and then I see or hear about people having difficulty with relationships. Marriages, lovers, families all having tensions and challenges. All of them under stress and pressure, constantly in a state of battle and confrontation.

I am sure you too might know of such people or maybe have been in such a situation. A few of you might be going through such a phase right now as you read this. But there is a very simple secret to all of this, to make sure relationships are filled with love and positive energy.
The secret I have realized over the years, is the simple philosophy of “Freedom”, let everyone have freedom to think, do and say whatever they want. When you give freedom to the opposite person, you automatically are empowering them as well as yourself.

The divorce rate is rising, because men are not realizing that women need freedom. They need to be given the ability to make choices that they desire. Freedom to live and let live is one of the biggest secrets and yet such a simple philosophy. We as human beings are children of the Divine, and thus always long for freedom.

Freedom of thought and expression, the freedom to make our own choices and live life the way we desire. Whenever such freedoms are restricted or challenged, it creates problems.
I see girlfriends and boyfriends fighting and having issues, if they simply gave each other freedom things would be lovely. Parents and children, once the relationship is not about restrictions and it is replaced by freedom automatically everyone will become more responsible.

Let people are you have the choice and freedom to make mistakes and in the process not only learn from them, but also look back and relish them. Laugh about the mistakes that were made.
Today when I look back and I think about the tons of mistakes I have made, and continue making, I simply laugh about them. The freedom to do what we want and let others around us do what they want is the biggest and most beautiful thing you can do to make your life and the lives of those around you lovely.

Don’t tell anyone what they can’t do or can do; the Divine Force within them will eventually guide them. Any great invention or anything that we have done in our life has been a result of the several wrong turns we took, the several mistakes we made.

Freedom is indeed lovely and is one of the biggest gifts you can give your relationships!

And I hope you have a big smile as you read this because there is nothing as lovely as a smile. I think I know you have a smile because I have a smile right now!

Have a very Happy Dushera and a festive season filled with love, happiness, health and prosperity!

Yogesh Chabria


Yashna Pahuja said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for sharing this. Reading such simple things about life, really makes life easy..

Thanks a ton
Yashna Pahuja

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks Yasshna. Glad it helped -do share this so that we can get our message out to the World and make it a better place!

Yogesh Chabria