Sunday, August 31, 2014

Has God Created Everything Perfectly For Us?

Last evening, I was at the park, right on the edge of the sea, loving the way the cool sea breeze felt against my face, moving through my air. The freshness always making me feel nice and active, always making me smile.

People these days have all sorts of fancy air-conditioners at home, at restaurants and at our work place, however can any of them be as perfect as this? Can any of them replace the wonderful sea breeze? Or the fresh spring air in the green hills and in the mountains? 

If we pause for a moment, keeping aside everything, and ask ourselves - Has God created everything for us? Has all of it been created for us to perfectly enjoy? 

The entire world and universe has been designed Intelligently by the Divine Force, keeping us in mind. We are indeed at the center of the Universe and most special beings created. Trees, rivers, mountains, plants, fruits and vegetables have all been designed making them optimum for our pleasure and satisfaction.

Imagine any vegetable, a tomato, for instance, if it was say several times larger, it would be hard to consume, store, transport and relish. What if a tomato was the size of a large SUV or what if it was the size of a tiny microbe? If it was the size of a tiny microbe, we would barely be able to see it, forget consuming it. I got thinking about all this, during discussions with a good friend of mine last evening. 

The simplest of things in this Universe, have been designed keeping us, in mind. We are truly the most special creations of the Divine. The human form is the biggest gift given to us and we should cherish it, value it and thank the Almighty for having given it to us. We should make the most of this form and realize how lucky we are. 

While you read this, a million things are going on within you, your heart is beating, your eyes are able to get signals, your brain is processing these signals, your are breathing, your nose can take in scents, your ears can hear sounds, your lips, your tongue can taste, food is being digested, blood is moving through your veins, an infinite number of things are happening within you in perfect harmony. 

When we look back over our life, we will see how everything has been planned perfectly for us. Nothing is simply co-incidence or a matter of fluke, it is all a part of Intelligent Design. We as humans are special and need to understand this. 

Nobody should be able to tell you that you as a Human Being are not special, that you are just a bunch of cells that has come together for sometime randomly, the fact is that you are so special, there is nobody else on the entire planet like you. You can think, laugh, speak and within seconds travel anywhere in the universe in your mind. You can think up of anything and eventually with the blessings of the Almighty achieve it. 

I am smiling right now and this smile too is perfect, because The Divine, wants it to be perfect. I am sure you too have that perfect smile on your face right now. 

Share it, cherish it and enjoy every moment of this perfect existence. 

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post, it makes me smile and and makes me feel lovely. Do continue writing more often and sharing such lovely thoughts. These too are words through the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Look forward to more thoughts and views and many more Happionaires!