Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Purpose and Power of Being You

I am speaking to you, yes that is right, you. There are so many things you do everyday, meet new people, brush, read the newspaper, watch TV, eat, walk, sleep, blink, and work. I am sure you have dreams and thoughts, things you want for your family, for yourself and people you love. But have you thought - what is the purpose of being you? What is it that you are really here for? 
Is it just to invest in the best stocks or real estate? Is it just to own a successful business? Is it just to rise up the corporate ladder? is it just to be the best student? Or is this more to the purpose of being you? These are lovely questions that I have asked and the answers have been lovely. 

I have always believed in asking questions, because it is the questions that eventually give you answers. The Purpose of Being You is just as lovely. There is so much purpose in this life and you should be thankful, grateful to the Invisible Divine Force for having given you this lovely existence.

So now, just pause and close your eyes for a few moments, as you close your eyes think about all the things you want and how would you feel once you have them. It will feel good am sure, but after you get what you want, what will you want next? And once you get that thing, what will you want after that? Eventually you will need to ask yourself - What really is the Purpose of Being You? I am sure you will get varied answers, the answers will be so varied each time, but every time you get an answer it will open you up to a new set of questions. 

The more you question yourself, the lovelier the experience will become. The question of Purpose will guide you in several ways, you will start feeling lighter, you will start succeeding and thinking better at everything you do, your relationships will improve and love and lightness will take over. That is the power of asking the right questions. 

The Purpose of Being You and thinking about it might seem heavy at first but eventually you will feel light, relaxed, at ease, peacefully, filled with joy and bliss - you will feel happy. You will feel yourself being filled with positive light and energy, surrounded and protected by it. 

When you think about the Power you have, and what all you can do and achieve, you will be surprised. There is so much power within you that you can truly do whatever your mind thinks of. As your mind creates a vision, a though, an image – it will be able to achieve it. This power within you is what needs to be channelized; this needs to be directed to all that is good and positive. Once you realize this, you will automatically directing it to the good – towards doing something for making this universe a better place. For making positive change all around you.
All that seems to stop you right now will suddenly disappear, because your inner power along with the Invisible Divine Force is working to make things good. The Purpose of Being You is about the Power of Being You.

The Power of Being You is more powerful than a thousand suns combined together; it is truly infinite if you come to think of it. And I want you and every human being on the planet to look deeper and tap into it.

I write from my heart, because the heart is the gateway to the soul. And only when you do things from the bottom of your heart can you bring about change and satisfaction. 

The Purpose of Being You is Infinitely Powerful! 

Yogesh Chabria

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Unknown said...

Lovely views - made me smile. Keep sharing!

Pratyush said...

I have been thinking about same which to figure out my "One Thing" or my calling/My purpose that I can dedicate my rest of my life to.Believe me , I feel satisfied that atleast i have this question in my mind & sooner I have also have an answer..What is your ONE thing?


Khushroo Sethna said...

Absolutely a piece of gem - this article. Worth reading it over and over and internalise the lesson.
Thanks Yogesh for this gem.

Best regards
Khushroo Sethna

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