Monday, December 9, 2013

Should We Be Able To Fire Our Politicians?

The news is filled with news of the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party gaining hold and it gets me thinking. This is something which needs to be implemented and this would surely improve the way things run.

Everyone today has the right to fire or change thins if they are not satisfied with them. Let us say you are working in a company and don't perform, you most likely are going to be fired. Alternatively let us say you run a business or provide someone a service - but aren't keeping up with times and satisfying your clients, they will eventually show you the door and change. 

You might be the biggest Bank or Car Maker, if you can't satisfy your clients you will go out of business. That is how things are in every field, should we have a similar thing in politics? If a Politician can't fulfil his commitment, can't bring about change and improvement, can't bring in growth and create the right environment for business and ensuring citizens are happy, shouldn't he or she be fired? Why should anyone wait for five years to bring about change? 

There should be monthly and quarterly appraisals of the performance of various politicians and see how they are doing. They should be given targets - we need so many more schools, so many more hospitals, so many more roads without potholes, a cleaner environment, more jobs and so on. If someone is not delivering - citizens should be given a chance to change and vote immediately - the voting can be done through new technology like Internet or Mobile Phones linked to say a Unique ID. 

This will ensure that Politicians serve citizens better, it will make sure nobody gets lazy and complacent, it will make sure nobody has ego and arrogance - this will be a win-win for all - Citizens will get good people and Politicians will get a chance to fulfil and serve people.

As a Happionaire, I have respect and love for all, but at the same time I also believe that making people more result oriented and making sure people deliver is what will make this country and the world a better place. 

For me it isn't about the BJP, Congress or the AAP - it is about results and improving lives. It is about making things beautiful and giving people the opportunity to reach their potential. Every human being has infinite potential and possibility - all that needs to be done is bring about a system where whatever a human being desires can be achieved. 

The power to fire politicians based on performance will be a great boon for this nation and eventually should be adopted by every country. Leaders are people who need to follow and satisfy the demands of people who have chosen them to lead. 

What do you feel? Would you like the right to be able to fire a Politician who isn't satisfying you? If you would, I would suggest you share this with all those you know - to incite the fire of this idea across the nation.

Yogesh Chabria

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Sonia said...

The best concept every Yogesh ji - this will bring about real change. But who will decide if the promises and targets are being reached? Should we have a CEO format?

Rohit S said...

This will surely happen eventually and will bring about a change. We need to put pressure on politicians to perform and deliver results. Excellent post!

Sunita Mehra said...

Lovely article Chabria ji which should be shared with everyone. Just read Pritish Nandy also supporting the lovely article on Twitter. Indeed we will have this change!