Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Existence Is Based on Love

The reason we exist is simply because of love. This is a universal fact and truth - and the flourishment not just of the human race, but life is based on love. The more love there is around, the more life grows, the more it relishes every moment.

A world filled with love is what causes happiness to spread. The simple act of speaking to a stranger or someone you know with love deep down in your heart will light the fire needed to fill this universe with happiness. It is indeed a lovely experience, life becomes very easy when you bring love into it. The universe works to fulfill all your desires. Today no matter what you want to do, simply do it with love and everyone around you will start working with you.

As you read this, simply tell yourself that for the rest of the day and the night you will have love within you for all those you meet and experience the difference. Love is contagious and people around you can sense it when you are sending them vibrations filled with love.

From children, companies, businessmen and women, actors, actresses, celebrities, world leaders all need to inculcate the value of love within themselves and spread it to those around them. Our existence is based on love and becomes lovelier when we spread this feeling around us.Before teaching children alphabets and number sin school, we need to teach them that love is lovely and they need to spread the love to all - irrespective of age, race, religion, color, education or financial status.

Love is one of the main ingredients in being happy. Being happy is what will bring power and force to all your dreams and desires, when you are happy everything around you seems lovely. You will relish every moment. Irrespective of whether you are taking the bus to work or being driven in a million dollar car, being happy is the key ingredient to making your life meaningful and fruitful. In fact one of the goals  in life for most us will be to attain a state of happiness.And with this force achieve whatever we desire.

Try this today and experience the results for yourself, share and spread the love to all around you. If it works for you, which I am sure, spread the love again tomorrow and the day after for eternity.

By bringing love you destroy ego, you destroy hate, you destroy anger - you welcome a more peaceful state, you welcome a state of happiness, health, prosperity and bliss.

Keep smiling and lots of love to all!

Yogesh Chabria

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Kalaiarasan said...

Thanx for share LOVE is everything and anything can be won out of love.



Sunita said...

Love is what this world needs. Lovely!