Monday, November 11, 2013

What Really Should Be Done For Campa Cola Residents?

Imagine you buy a new TV, or mobile phone or laptop. You use it for quite a long period of time, your family makes the most of it and then one fine day the authorities,  up at your doorstep and tell you that you can no longer have this TV or mobile phone or laptop, because the makers of it used illegal methods to make it. They didn't have the needed permissions and bribed officials to get things done.

How would you react? You would probably tell them it is none of your concern as you paid the price to get it.

A similar or worse thing seems to be happening in the case of the residents of the Campa Cola building. The home they purchased several years ago from a builder, now happens to be illegal. The needed permissions were not taken and the floors that had been constructed illegally need to be demolished. Families that have been living there for several decades are on fine day asked to vacate - for problems in the system. Be demolishing this will we really be getting any solutions?

As Happionaires we have always believed in solutions and this is the best time to get a solution.

What needs to be done is firstly take the authorities who allowed such a thing to happen to be held responsible - irrespective of the fact whether the officers have been transferred or not the agency under whose purview such matters come need to be called up - in this case the BMC. Alternative accommodation needs to be made for these people - before the illegal structure is demolished. Till we don't re-rehabilitate them we can't think about uprooting their lives.

For a few seconds put yourself in the place of these families, imagine the mental trauma they might be faced with.

What really should be done is very simple:

1. Demolish the homes of all those who allowed such a thing to happen in the first place.

2. Demolish the homes of all those who developed these illegal structures and put the lives of so many people at risk.

Of course the larger and long term pictures tell us the importance of being informed, about making the right decisions after doing proper research and due diligence. even when it comes to buying a home, the importance of insisting that all legalities are followed and what you are getting is not illegal. It is better to pay more - but get something genuine and authentic.

Let us all pray from the bottom of our hearts to save the homes of ordinary citizens and families. I am sure they will be protected - God is great!

Spread the love and keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria

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Rajesh Kapoor said...

WoW! Superb article and very strong words Yogesh ji.

yes indeed...that is true justice demolish the homes of the corrput ones in the bmc and fraud builders!!!!

Karthik said...

This will be real justice!!! Does the government have the guts to do such a thing?

Let us all Happionaires find out where these people live and do it! Now!!!

Anonymous said...

Demolish Campa Cola as it is illegal, BUT corrupt Officials and Builder should give them New Homes with same size and location as they having now, demolish after that and Prison Penalty to Corrupted persons involved.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with yogesh Cambria....since myself suggested the same few days back in one of my comments for cc compound....Mumbai...

Jwala Narasimha said...

so sad kad baaru...! God bless them..

Anonymous said...

Court should order builders and BMC to provide alternative home for all the affected residents at the cost of builders & bmc officials. This will be lesson for all the fruad builders & corrupt officials.