Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let Us Laugh This Diwali!

What is Diwali's true meaning? Is it about sending SMSs, WhatsApp messages, Emails and Twitter greetings to millions of people around us? Is it about purchasing gifts and sending them to as many people we know? Is it about buying new clothes, electronics and mouth watering sweets? Is it about lighting lovely diyas and lights? 

Diwali can be all of the above - but there is a larger symbolic reason and each one of us can have a different reason. To some it is about welcoming and celebrating the power, opulence and blessings of Goddess Laxmi to others it is about the victory of good over evil - the victory of light over darkness. It is about lighting the diyas of knowledge, love and happiness and sharing it with everyone.

It is about burning all negative thoughts we have for people and lighting new candles. It is a time when, we kill all our enemies by simply making them our friends. 

To others it is about enjoying the simple pleasures, simply lighting a small diya on the roadside and laughing and playing. Joking, being happy and thanking the Almighty for all that has been gifted to us. 

To me Diwali means all of the above and more, and still many times I wonder about a few things. 

I have a feeling from deep down that the coming year will give a lot of opportunities on the investment and business front. A lot of wealth with the blessings of the Invisible Divine Force will be created. A lot of new things will be started and there will be a lot of growth for everyone. 

On a lighter note since it is Diwali, as Happionaires I always feel we should laugh, joke and enjoy ourselves. When we are happy and laughing we do attract a lot of positive energy. While the entire media speaks about Narendra Modi vs. Rahul Gandhi, constantly pitching these two against each other, creating vast extremism amongst people who support either. Here is something I want to share, if it wasn't for the media and the BJP and Congress being political rivals Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi would both have been the best of buddies. They have much more in common than anybody else, here goes:

1. Both are unmarried
2. Both have a lot of free time on there hand, as they are unmarried
3. Both enjoy teasing each other and giving fancy 'nicknames' to each others
4. Both want to be India's PM as they don't have anything else to do, you see they are unmarried 
5. Both feel that is the only way their friends and family will 'stop' bugging them to get married
6. Both are considered to be very 'young' according to Indian political standards 
7. Both of them have been accused for everything that goes wrong by supporters of the other - I heard someone say his tap had leakage issues because of Narendra Modi/Rahul Gandhi. 

I hope people din't get so polarized and realized we are all Indians and even more, we are all human beings. Let us not issues of religion and politics divide us, let us together pray to the Universal Divine Force for health, happiness, wealth and peace. Let us pray that this Diwali and New Year everyone around us is happy and has a smile on their face. Let us pray that all challenges we face, we are also blessed with the energy and insight to solve these challenges and come out victorious. 

I wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali and New Year from the bottom of my heart, and I do hope you have a big wide smile on your face and within your hearts are you read this. 

Lots of love to you,

Keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria

P.S.: I have been enjoying watching Mahabharat on TV, definitely a must watch. We get to learn so much from it and one of the best shows that has come. I would love to write a modern day Mahabharat. 


Rahul said...

Super funny! And wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!

Siddharth chamaria said...

Hi Yogesh,

A Very Happy Diwali to you and your family along with all the Happionaire friends.


Siddharth chamaria

shabir said...

thank u sir.our best 2 u 2.shabir

Sunil said...

Hello All,

Wishing all of you A Very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year.
Yogeshji a lot of things are been said abt QE Tapering, kindly throw some light on this issue, as to how will effect emerging markets like India. A couple of Economist are even Predicting Asian Crisis (1997) kind of a scenario for the Emerging World. Please Help !

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Very interesting question Sunil ji. Will write a small post on it. Also do join us on Twitter - there seems to be a lot of fun things happening there!

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria