Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Power Of "Y"

So many times I have been blamed, accused for asking too many questions. No matter where I go, ever since I was a small kid, I have been asking "Why This?" and "Why That?"

I joke about it, after all my name starts with a big "Y" (playing on the pun - I just got on Twitter - #YChabria - would take some time getting used to using it) and I have to keep asking "Y". 

But asking questions have a lot of power. There is a lot of power in a simple question which comes from within our heart. Asking questions is one of the greatest keys to success - people who ask usually get what they ask for. 

No matter what you want all you need to do is ask and the people around you, the universe and all the positive powers around you will work  towards it. Ask for good and you will get good. So when I started my first business, The Indian Lemonade Company when I was in school, which I shared in Invest The Happionaire Way, I simply asked people - "Will you invest in the shares of my company?" and then "Will you buy my lemonade?" and "Don't you think the lemonade will be really nice and refreshing in the summer?" 

Such questions helped my business grow. I have sold shoes, t-shirts, comics, taught people, high end real estate, wrote books, travelled - all because of my desire to question. "Will you publish my book?" and "Don't you think reading this book will really help you?" and "Will your institution invite me to share ideas and speak?" 

The power of "Y" is immense. I love asking people, "How can this be done better? How can it be made simpler and more fun?" and trust me life becomes much more exciting when you question. In the beginning you might have some inhibitions - but eventually it will become a part of you. 

If you work in a company, don't hesitate to ask "Can I have a raise?" or "Don't you think my performance has improved and I need a nice bonus?" - when you ask such a question, you are sending positive thoughts. You will automatically work towards better performance and better results and in turn better rewards. 

Or if you own and run a business, simply ask "Would you like to buy my products?" or "Don't you think I have the best products and services to offer?" or "How many people do you know who can make use of my services and product? Why don't you refer me to them?" 

In every aspect of life "Y" plays an important role. As Happionaires, we should always question - the best opportunities and answers lie in questions. 

We have just updated our Happionaire Website - it is simpler, smoother, easier and even more fun- we also have a new Happionaire Logo - it is a very simple logo, but has a very deep meaning behind it. I would love to hear from you about the meaning behind it. 

So keeping the power of "Y" in mind I ask you - "Why don't all of you share the new Happionaire Website with you friends, family and loved ones?" and "Why don't all of you join me on Twitter?" 

Keep smiling and having fun!

Yogesh Chabria

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Sonia said...

Congratulations Yogesh ji on the lovely new website, logo and welcome to twitter. Will surely join you there!

Indeed a powerful thing - the power of why or as you say Y! Need a lot of things to ask!

Arjun said... much more powerful than answers.....I remember asking a girl...if she will marry me....and well it turned out beautifully.......lovely post Chabria ji......will surely..share it with all ..and superb new website and great to see you twitter....


Mustafa said...

Hello, I like your power of 'Y'.. I read all your mails n recently told about your new logo.. So with that i would like to ask you " Y u created this logo ?" Wat r ur thoughts behind this ? Wat meaning do u find in this ?

Unknown said...

I think your logo signifies your habit you just shared in your blog..

Meaning of your logo is "Habit of asking questions lead to a path of great success...!!".

Shweta said...

Very nice post Yogesh ji.

I think our Happionaire logo is a mixture of simplicity and as Kiran said, the desire to question and the H is for happiness.