Monday, September 23, 2013

What Is The Best Skill To Create Wealth?

My latest book, Happionaire’s Create Wealth in a Crash seems to have created a lot of buzz – and a lot of people have emailed me. Many seem to share a common line of thought in the recent economy. They have just discovered The Happionaire Way.

A lot of these people aren’t too happy with what they are doing. They aren’t happy with their existing job, career or business. They aren’t satisfied, they aren’t being rewarded and they aren’t feeling useful. Their knowledge isn’t being valued and they are constantly under stress.

For such people, we all might have been in such situations sometime or the other, I want to share something – it is a personal experience. I was in such a situation when I was around 16 and decided to work for sometime in the summer. It was a technology company that provided legal solutions. I was supposed to market legal software to all sorts of companies.

I love selling things, it is fun, simple and exciting – though I like selling only things which I believe in and which add value.  I have been selling people things every since I was a kid. We are all selling something or the other at any given time, sometimes it might be a product, other times it might be our ideas and sometimes even selling our services.

The product this company had was pretty decent – and since it was summer vacations I thought I will try and experience what it is like working here. So I just called them and went to meet them, I didn’t have any fixed salary and I made money based on what I sold. So the more I sold – the more I made.

All that seemed fine. However within the first day itself, I didn’t like working there. My ideas weren’t valued, my thoughts and ways of doing weren’t looked into. I had no independence and besides that I wasn’t learning anything new. I had no flexibility or freedom to learn and do new things. I was supposed to simply follow orders – which many times didn’t make sense.

I know we all might have gone through such phases – I quit the job within four days and now when I look back I am so happy I did. I didn’t think too much, all I did was hear to the voice within my heart. What I was doing wasn’t making me happy, I didn’t think too much – I just did what I felt like. I happened to create more wealth and was happier doing several other things. In the same summer vacations, I remember buying shoes and clothes in India and selling them in Tehran. Making the most of things when times are challenging as such products weren’t available there. I had a great holiday and also made money and learnt new skills.

Even today as you read this, there are people who might be complaining about the present economic situation, other might be blaming the politicians and government, still others might be blaming the system. But we can’t keep doing that, pause and listen to your heart and I am sure there are tons of opportunities that will come up. But irrespective of what you want to be or do – there is one skill that you will always need.

Today one of the most important skills to have – is the ability to do business and sell. Sell products, ideas, services, solutions and I promise you – you will always be happy and successful. The skill of being able to sell becomes even more important when times are challenging – someone who is an expert at sales becomes even more valuable when a company is facing a slowdown. When revenues and profits are falling – sales become the number one saviour.

People sometimes get offended when they are called ‘salesmen’ – but if you look deeper the most successful people on the planet have been salesmen.
Bill Gates is a salesman – he sold the world the idea of Microsoft, Steve Jobs was a salesman, he made sure millions of people use I-Phones and I-Pads, Jesus was a salesman – he sold the world to the idea of Christianity, and all these are great people.  

I feel very nice when people tell me that – “Yogesh, your books under The Happionaire Series are selling very well. They are Bestselling!” You see once again, I am being complimented and celebrated for having books that sell well.

Remember, for a thing to sell well it needs to be good, but not necessarily all things that are good sell. In fact I know of so many people who are great at what they do, they have great business ideas, great thoughts – but just because they aren’t good at sales, aren’t able to get their message and product out there.

It is a great is an honour to be called a salesman (or woman – if you are one!). It is a skill that will help you at all times and each and every one of us should develop it.

Keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria


Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more with you. In fact, i listened to my heart and left a job in Number 1 company in world. Would like to comment here that i am feeling very very liberated and independent. Biggest plus is that i am no more being managed by Managers who are nothing outside the company in which they are working in!

Martin said...

Great information, getting à ton of value out of it. In the process of starting up my business so I try to read à lot inspirational material.


Sonia said...

Excellent article Yogesh ji. I fully agree - sales and spreading the message is most important!!

happy Dussera to all!