Sunday, September 8, 2013

Five Things Lord Ganesha Told Me To Share

It is the festive season, everyone is celebrating Ganesh Chathurti, but recently Lord Ganesha came and told me a few things. How did he tell me? Well I enjoy communicating with Him, as well as others - it is lovely having direct conversations. He wants me to share it with everyone here, he told me that anyone who is a true believer in him will surely listen and obey his word and believer. 

While he loves people being happy and celebrating life and things, there are a few things he wanted to tell all of us:

1.Lord Ganesha hates it when people make idols of him that destroy the environment created by him. He hates it when fish die, the sea gets polluted, the beach front is littered with trash and when people walk over the parts of the idols that have been immersed in the water but haven't dissolved as they are not eco-friendly. He said he would love it if more people made smaller idols that were eco-friendly, in fact he said he would enjoy it is the same idol was immersed in water, a small bucket maybe, and re-used year after year. 

2. Lord Ganesha told me to tell everyone that he hates it when the peace of people is disturbed, when blaring loud speakers disturb everyone. When the blaring music harms our elders as well as young children. The loud music harms animals and birds that have been created by Lord. He does enjoy music and celebrations - just that the volume needs to be tuned down a bit. 

3. Lord Ganesha clearly told me he gets very very angry when people burn fire crackers that make it hard for people to breathe, create war like sounds and harm everyone. He also told me it is just like burning Goddess Laxmi, as Happionaires we would never want to do such a thing. 

4. Lord Ganesha hates it when people waste food, fruits and spend unnecessarily. A spiritual journey isn't about wasting resources, it isn't about buying several kilos of fruits and mithai, only to be wasted. He wants the money to be used wisely and resources to be preserved for the future. 

5.  Lord Ganesha doesn't want us to go out there and make a show of wealth, he doesn't want it to become a status symbol and a race to the top. It is about looking deeper inside, it is about meeting friends and family, it is about going on a spiritual journey. 

I wish all fellow Happionaires and the entire nation a very Happy Ganpati, may the Lord shower his blessings to people of religions and faiths. May there be love, peace and happiness. As a humble request and to help spread the word of Lord Ganesha, please do forward this to all your friends and family. It is up to us to bring about the change we want in society. It is up to us to make things truly divine. 

God bless and keep smiling just like Lord Ganesha!

Yogesh Chabria


Prashant said...

Hello Yogesh Sir,

I hope Lord Ganesha must have also conveyed that one should avoid Liquor and Non-Vegeterian food to satisy our senses, as it degrades our soul and hampers our Spiritual growth. One should avoid and discourage himsa, be it direct or indirect.
Thanks a lot for conveying such a beautiful message. I really admire you Sir.

Thanks & Regards,

Mohandas V.R. said...

Chabria are you a christian?

Anonymous said...

Yogesh ji

You are so close to Ganesh ji I never knew.

Meri bhi baat kara dijiye please.

Mukesh P. Rawal said...

I fully agree with u. best wishs to u as well.

Thanks & Regards,

(Mukesh P. Rawal)

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks for adding a few lovely things Prashant ji. We are all lovely and all have the power to do something amazing simply by thinking good things.

Mohandas ji, I am first and foremost a part of this lovely Universe created by the Almighty. I'm a Hindu and have love for humanity in totality. I'm a Happionaire.

We are all close to Him, all we need to do is close our eyes and speak, He will speak back.

Thanks Mukesh ji, do share these ideas with everyone around.

Keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria