Thursday, September 5, 2013

Electronic Ink Goes Happionaire!

Electronic ink has been trying to go The Happionaire Way for quite sometime now and finally it has become a part of The Happionaire Family with our new book, Happionaire's Create Wealth In A Crash (Happionaire's CWC). I welcome this new way of reading books and sharing ideas to our ever growing family.

There are a few things I would like Electronic Ink to do as a Happionaire: 

1. Make sure many more people get Ebook readers - I have got myself the cheapest Kindle. Maybe even give it out free or at minimal cost - and recover the cost through the books that are sold.

2. Make sure Ebook are made popular, it will help a lot more people publish their thoughts and ideas. It will help make the universe of knowledge richer.

3. Ensure places where books are hard to get are reached and tapped!

4. We want Ebook readers that are waterproof. There are few places where reading a book is absolutely blissful!

5. Create a society that loves knowledge and believes it is fun to learn new things!

Was thinking of maybe a contest where we can give out a few free Ebooks to fellow Happionaires, any ideas on what contest we can have?

Soon we will be having each and every Happionaire Book, in an ebook format making it easier for Happionaire's across the world to read and experience ideas.

I would request all fellow Happionaires to simply close your eyes for a few seconds, take in a deep breath, experience all the positive energy of the universe entering you, relax and simply smile and feel positive thoughts. The Universe is beautiful and we are in exciting times, there are new opportunities all around us, and we are in a position and state of attracting all these opportunities. Let our mind open up, let us listen to our inner voice, a voice that is divine and filled with bliss and knowledge, we are attracting all that is positive. All challenges are gateways to opportunity, now is a time of immense opportunity and we are the ones who will benefit from these opportunities. Now gradually open your eyes, feel this over and over again, repeat this exercise and you will certainly feel all the wonderful opportunities coming our way. This is what Happionaire's CWC is all about, that is what The Happionaire Way is all about.

People around you will be throwing negative messages at you constantly, they might have done it for all your life, I am sure if you look back, you will realize that whenever you discarded all the negative that was thrown at you, you came out much stronger. You proved them wrong by doing what your heart wanted. You succeeded by listening to your heart. I have always lived my life this way - at most I have failed, but that failure has taught me a lot. That failure has inspired me to get up again, learn and move ahead.

We are soon having a series of visits and talks to Universities and Institutions across the country, if you desire to have your Institution host The Happionaire™ Talks,  email and our team will get in touch.

There has never been a time like now to take action! Go ahead experience a world filled with the Wealth of abundance and bliss!

Keep smiling and have a lovely weekend ahead!

Yogesh Chabria

Do you agree with fellow Happionaires on Real Estate, The Falling Rupee and More on are Are You Thirsty? 

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Ashok said...

Congratulations Yogesh ji for the ebook! Will surely buy Happionaire's CWC, will be the first ebook I buy. Love reading your words, they are very soothing and relaxing. I remember 2008-2009 - lots of valid guidance.

Also will email you shortly for The Happionaire Talks!

Daipayan said...

Hi Yogesh,
At last your books have come out in ebook format. This was the only reason I couldnot buy your wonderful books so far as I do not get the time to read a physical book but manage to read all news and other books which are 'e' in nature.
Since ebooks can be read in laptops, tablets and smartphones apart from Kindle & Nook (I read on my laptop or smartphone while my wife uses her Nook), its much easier in today's world.

Since ebooks entail lower cost (no printing, binding cost), they can perhaps be priced lesser than the physical books. This would also popularise them more.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your other books in 'e' format.


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see the Happionaire Way spreading to more and more people!

Happionaire's Create Wealth in a Crash is a superb book and it is certainly a must read in the present times. ANyone reading it will realize how in fact we are truly in times that can benefit us in alot of way.

Keep sharing ideas and as you say Yogesh, keep smiling to all Happionaires!

- Rajesh

Juhi said...

Interesting to see ebooks taking shape in India, but was wondering will ebooks not encourage piracy? What is your view on that?

Also will be getting Investment Secrets For Women and Happionaire's Money Game as an ebook too?

Prashant said...

Hello Yogesh Sir,

I hope Lord Ganesha must have also conveyed that one should avoid Liquor and Non-Vegeterian food to satisy our senses, as it degrades our soul and hampers our Spiritual growth. One should avoid and discourage himsa, be it direct or indirect.
Thanks a lot for conveying such a beautiful message. I really admire you Sir.

Thanks & Regards,