Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Is The Truth Behind The Falling Rupee?

I get so engrossed and lost in the world of knowledge and experiencing, that sometimes I forget to share what I have been experiencing here. I have been getting several emails, calls and gentle messages from all of you to share them, I thank you for bringing me to share things. It is indeed lovely to share ideas here.

There have been all sorts of talks about the Rupee and why it has fallen and weakened so much against the dollar.

While some may say it is about a weakening economy and others may say that foreign money is being pulled out, there is another secret and it is very clear for all those who look at things from the outside.

Just pause of a second, don’t get caught up the media hype and various reports, move away from the jargon and think – why benefits the most when the Rupee falls? You will get he answer I am sure.

I am sure as you think now, various thoughts are coming in your head, various questions and to these questions various answers. As your mind moves from Point A to Point B, it will start becoming clearer. Your mind has started the journey of the Rupee, following it, how it at a time was Rs. 39 to the dollar, how it became weaker and weaker, and almost fell from Rs. 50 to Rs. 61. How things became costlier, how petrol prices went up, how inflation grew?

I am sure many of you might have had some thoughts about politicians, about the coming election in 2014 in India, about how maybe this has something to do with? Maybe the Rupee’s fall has something to do with the elections? Honestly, I can sense a lot of our fellow Happionaires might have got similar thoughts, the thing about thoughts is they are contagious, they are matter and can influence the way our world functions.

Now let us say we have all thought this might have to do something with politicians and the elections in 2014? But what exactly? Do people with dollar benefit when the Rupee falls? Does someone with a lot of dollars stashed away abroad benefit every time the Rupee falls? Keep thinking and asking questions, you will automatically keep getting answers. Most people search for answers instead of searching for questions, we as Happionaires are of course a bit different and not the same.

Now what happens as the rupee falls more and more? Once it has fallen enough, can someone get their dollars into India and convert them back to Rupees? Can those Rupees be used to fight elections? Can those Rupees be used to influence things? When billions of dollars pour into the country just before elections, overtime will the Rupee become stronger again?

Over the past few minutes, I shared no answers, all the answers were given to you by your own mind, by your own heart and by your own experiences. The thing about us humans is that we have all knowledge within us, we can sense and experience knowledge all we need to do is tap the inner intelligence within us and we will get answers. The above experiment in questioning is just a simple step into the journey of experiencing life and finding answers.

The same way we can find answers to a lot of things around us, why have certain stock prices not gone up? What is happening with gold prices? What will happen to real estate prices in the country? How can we make India a better place? How can we make this world a better place? How can a sense of universal joy and love be shared with one and all?

I am sure all of you have a big smile on your face and I am sure all of you will be tempted to share this with all the interesting people in your life.

Keep smiling and keep questioning!

Lots of love!

Yogesh Chabria

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Naresh Pisharody said...

hi Yogesh, good pointers. the dollar appreciation has a coincidence with the events as u indicated. but I believe markets can't be manipulated for long by a group of individuals

Jignesh said...

Excellent article Yogesh ji, you are right - see once again they have put more restrictions to create panic so people pull out money.

We need to question more and more and thanks for encouragin us to question.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Hi Naresh,

It could be or couldn't be - but what people should know is that things are possible that to be controlled. Information is what decides what we believe.

Several years ago - we were told the earth is flat, so many of us believed it didn't we?

Keep sharing,


Yogesh Chabria

Anonymous said...

Agree Yogesh - it sounds perfectly logical. Within such a short period almost 50% gains in dollar reserves (43-62) helps only politicans and NRIs.

It would help if you can throw light on stocks/sectors that can be looked at from a long term perspective.

Anonymous said...

Agree Yogesh - it sounds perfectly logical. Within such a short period almost 50% gains in dollar reserves (43-62) helps only politicans and NRIs.

It would help if you can throw light on stocks/sectors that can be looked at from a long term perspective.

Suresh said...

Hmmm.....you know the thing is as these questions kept coming, for some strange reason I got all the answers. A very unique way of explaining things Yogesh ji, really loved it.

Looking forward to experiencing more such wonderful things and making the most of life as a Happionaires!

Anonymous said...

If the dollar inflow starts then GOLD is bound to fall....
So does it mean this will be the right time to offload GOLD?

- Sanju