Sunday, August 18, 2013

Are You Thirsty?

It is always funny when people panic when the stock markets fall. They call such days Black Fridays and Black Monday, they panic when economic growth supposedly slows down and newspapers all over start reporting about how bad the economy is.

Instead these are the times when maximum amount of wealth is created, maximum opportunities become available because everybody else has closed their eyes and entered panic mode. They start worrying about everything, they start panicking, worrying and panicking makes them stop thinking and being open to new opportunities.

Just a few years ago in 2008 we experienced the same thing; all those who didn’t panic and looked for opportunities came out wealthier. The same thing repeats itself over and over again, of course with a few differences and modifications.

I am not just talking about the opportunities in the stock market, but every field, business, careers and new ways of thinking. When others panic, somehow there is an area that is left open, people are open to someone to take charge and lead, someone to decide how the future will be, in a state of panic and shock, everyone wants to be guided, wants to be led, this is a time when new ideas take hold and charge.

For a moment imagine yourself, walking in the hot sun, you have been walking for a very long time, you are sweating and feeling thirsty, your throat is dry, parched and you have no water. Your energy has started to drain out, you are licking your lips, trying to quench your thirst, but still you aren’t able to quench it. You are getting more and more thirsty as the sun becomes stronger, but yet you can’t quench your thirst that is growing. I am sure most of you are already feeling thirsty, I can sense it.

Now imagine an entire world like that. Imagine millions of people all in this state, what will happen? While it is a state of perpetual thirst, can we find any opportunities?
I am sure many of you might have thought of answers, many of you might have already thought of several big opportunities.

Some might have thought of the most obvious – selling chilled water? Just the sensation of drinking cold water, as it flows down, wets the lips, the mouth, the throat feels so nice, so satisfying. As your drink you feel yourself being filled with nature, with energy, with positive thoughts, with opportunity, with life. You feel fully energized, fully alive and ready to take on anything that comes your way. I am sure you might have felt this sensation in life. This is one of the most powerful sensations known to man, this is what makes us successful and achieve whatever we truly and deeply desire.

Others might have thought of air conditioning? Still others might have thought of planting trees and making gardens? Or maybe making manmade rivers and lakes? The opportunities are endless.

Every now and then the world experiences challenging times when millions of people get thirsty and hungry – such are the times when radical change comes about, new ideas come into existence, new leaders take charge.

And as humans, we all have a lot of potential, we have an unlimited source of knowledge, all we need to do is tap it. Look deeper inside and we will see it is all within us.

It was wonderful to get your emails and comments, my apologies for not having been able to reply to all the emails coming in. Just asking questions gave us all so many answers. Lots from people wanting to be volunteers and more involved in the Happionaire movement will be sharing a few things in my next post.

Keep smiling and keep drinking water!

Yogesh Chabria


Anonymous said...

The big Q now is -- is this the time to pull out the fishing rod or wait for some more fall ?

Deepti said...

Hi Yogesh, ur post gave me new sight. I am into Direct Sales. I am IR of QI Group. How u feel b'out Direct Sales in this scenerio? Kindly Guide us by your knowledge.
Thanking you. Deepti(Pune- India)

Dusmanta Kumar Barik said...

Hi Yogesh,
Thanks for the article and nice presented.
I would like to know some technicality in judging the things and in the world of uncertainties.
The art of judging situation/maters and implementation would be a life changing scenario.
I would like to learn more and more from you.
Thanks again for the nice article.

Dusmanta Kumar Barik,
New Delhi,

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Is it the right time to put the fishing rod now - well it is always good to put the rod - but where to put the rod, that is the question? There are lots of new areas which hold great potential and not all are on the stock market.

Deepti, I am aware of QI, however I am not sure I would be able to comment fully on it. There are lots of conflicting views, and personally Direct Sales is good, great, provided you have a good product.

Dusmanta, thanks for the views, there will be things shared that will help our thoughts more.

Keep sharing thoughts and keep asking. Always lovely.


Yogesh Chabria

Ravi P said...

Great post, Yogesh. I'd like to add about a book I recently read about judging the things:

It says: "Most of the times we have preconceived perceptions, that is nothing but image of our experiences, which is in a way limiting.

The best way is to - empty everything like a bucket, have no judgement at all, which leads to the unrealized potential in anything we see and anything we do."

These are like golden words. Most of the times we are baffled when someone says - "No No, that's not possible or doable". Read again between the lines, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice words Ravi - fully agree with it. Our thoughts define what we see and how we see it. If we wear black glasses - everything looks black, if we wear rose colored ones - everything looks rose colored!

Anonymous said...

"and not all are on the stock market." So where ? please guide or throw some light on this Yogesh :) real estate ?? same old-GOLD ?

khabri Bhai said...

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some article with all of you that I think is worth reading. This article is written by a well known Economists called as Swaminomics.

Dr. Chetali Samant said...

This looks more interesting to me.... what is your Opinion Yogesh and other happionaires ?

Samant said...

Found this on a Facebook post ::: Why is it that currency falls only before General Elections ?

Huge profitability gained by bringing back black money stashed abroad in order to cover Election expenses. maybe, maybe not ?!

You decide Weak rupee, black money and election :

Rupee was down by more than 20% against dollar in the months before election.


1984 it was down by 21%
1989 it was down by 24%
1991 it was down by 22%
1996 it was down by 19%
1998 it was down by 13%
1999 it was down by 14%
2004 it was up by 11%
2009 it was down by 25%
2014 (till now) it is down by 20%

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Always interesting to share new ideas.

Ravi - indeed lovely. When someone says it is not possible - it simply means the can't or don't want to do it. (Though sometimes it could actually mean it isn't possible.)

Khabri Bhai, interesting views, however I would like to point out that the Asian Crisis has a few people on the inside behind it. What really happened there is very interesting? Think about who benefited there. If we want we can change things almost overnight.

Dr. Chetali - nice article. Real estate unfortunately has a lot of restrictions from the government. We need to ensure that it becomes more affordable to the masses as well as have good infrastructure to create large living spaces at a distance of say 30 to 50 kms on the outskirts of major metros. With proper public transport within 25-30 minutes anyone can reach anywhere. As of now real estate prices won't correct till all these things are implemented. Costs need to come down.

Samant - sometimes it is more fun to say things that make people question and search answers rather than giving answers. Happy to see you having found a few answers.

Keep smiling and looking forward to sharing more ideas!

Yogesh Chabria