Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Did The Weakest Animal - Rule The World?

Millions of years ago in the dessert there was a very weak and small animal. This animal was the weakest of all - it couldn't run fast like the others, it wasn't as strong as the others, it didn't have claws or sharp teeth - nor did it have poisonous fangs, it wasn't as large as the others either, it did not have any protective armour, it couldn't fly, nor stay underwater, it didn't  have anything - but today a million years later, it is that creature that is ruling over everything on this plant, it can fly and go to the deepest points underwater, in fact it can do everything that it wants to. Have you ever thought what made this animal so strong? What made us the rulers of this wonderful planet? 

The simplest answer, is the power we have to think about the future and work with those around us, as groups. Since we were so weak, and not strong like a tiger, we had to be with others of our species. We had to live in groups and protect and care for each other. We learnt to love each other and form bonds and trust. Love gelled us together and helped us grow stronger. Whatever we learnt, we passed onto the future generation to build up on it, when we were born, we were gifted with the knowledge of what our ancestors learnt over thousands of years before us. It is their love for us, that helps us grow further and further. 

It is love that helps us rule and be a dominant force in this world. Over the past, it has been wonderful dwelling and experiencing the way the human mind works, the way spirituality affects our life and existence  it has been wonderful experiencing nature and experiencing the wonderful gift of love. Being away from noise, being away from sharing views - is lovely. In silence we learn, in loneliness our mind penetrates the depth of learning. 

Today for us as a human race to grow, to thrive, we need to spread love - we need to move away from artificial sources of communication and move to a more real world - touch and feel form of communication. We need to connect with nature and develop technologies that fit wonderfully into the natural world. The Happionaire movement now needs to go beyond simply the stock market or investing, it needs to be a part of the greater existence. It needs to go beyond investing in Gold and sensing how we can benefit from increasing diesel and oil prices. It needs to be about this lovely thing called life. 

Being the weakest species was our greatest boon, by being so weak, we had to develop communities. The human baby is the weakest creature and takes the longest to become independent. This is a wonderful thing, it lets us keep learning and learning. People who learn, are always people who believe they know nothing, they are people who accept the fact that the world and universe is as vast as an ocean, and it is impossible for anyone to know everything. 

The weakest animal shall continue to rule the world - by continuing to be weak. By continuing to love and spreading love. Once this animal starts believing that he has nothing more to learn, once he stops respecting others, stops loving and sharing with others - it will be the end of this animal. 

I want each one of you to share this love with everyone around you. I want you to go and express this wonderful feeling of being alive, being able to read this at the moment, with all those around you - and I want you to laugh and smile because whenever we do that it becomes easier to absorb knowledge. 

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria


Abhay said...

Dearest Yogesh Ji,

I have waited for long to read your sweet words. I had a big smile, when I got to know you have posted. It was lovely reading every word.

May the love spread to one and all. I want to meet you and be in your presence and share ideas, please keep a get-together for us all.



Magesh said...

Dear Yogesh Chabria,
Thank you for this excellent message.
With best wishes

Vikash said...

Beautiful and well written article.

akaps said...

Materialism meets spirituality. Beautiful article coming from you after long time. Looking forward for more.


akaps said...

Materialism meets spirituality. Beautiful article by you after a long time. Looking forward to read you more.


akaps said...

Materialism meets Spirituality. Very nice message. Hope to read more on the same.


Unknown said...

Really have waited long to hear from u. It's been really refreshing.

With Best wishes

Bhim said...

Dear Yogesh,
This is certainly my best read of 2013-beginning. Keep writing and motivating all of us!


Hirdesh said...

Dear Yogesh
I like your articles.
The human angle is touching.
But your theory behind first sentence 'Millions of years ago in the dessert there was a very weak and small animal.' is a speculation ( i am sorry to say that)
take care

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

It is always lovely to read views and the lovely thoughts from all fellow Happionaires.

Hirdesh, curious to know why you say such a thing? Does it have something to do with the theory of evolution vs. creation?

Yogesh Chabria

s akhtar said...

Once again, a wonderful message.Thanks for sharing such secrets of life.I have memorized the lines to use in my speeches in friends circle/official meetings.

Thanks again.
s akhtar

Asokakumar J. said...

Dear Sir,

wonderful message. Thank you very much. The human being is not aware of their power, you cannot measure that, you have to find and search that power. With that power you can understand and fell what the universe is.....

Good Luck

Asokakumar J.