Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stop Analyzing and Get A Free Investment Holiday!

I meet so many people who are constantly thinking and over thinking and trying to analyse everything around them. Many times in our lives, it makes sense to stop over thinking, to stop rationalizing, to stop trying to be like a computer. We are human beings, we are different - each one of us is different and special, many times we succeed at whatever we do only by not over thinking, by not analyzing. We need to start feeling. We have one life - and none of us are here forever. 

I was reminded of this in a recent plane trip I was having. I was coming back to Bombay, and for almost 30 to 45 minutes the plane was shaking violently. During those moments, I realized that how much more I want to do in life. How this life is a lovely gift we have from the Almighty and we should make use of it to the fullest. Not worry too much and do what our heart tells us to do. I prayed to the Divine Force in those moments and requested him for some more time. Well thanks to God, I am here writing. Almost everyone on the plane clapped when we landed. 

In the past too I have had such experiences, once I was on a plane which had to make three emergency landings and had an engine failure where the oxygen levels dropped. Every time such a thing happens, I am reminded to get rid of fear and live my life. 

We are all taught that in business, investing and finance you should analyse things. But many times in life it makes sense to stop analyzing and over-thinking. Some of the best decisions I have made in my life have simply been because I didn't analyze, I just jumped in based on my feelings. I wish the youth today was encouraged to learn about life, through life - many times taking an instant decision is what pays - what helps you succeed. 

I was recently in the Himalayas, it was a beautiful experience. The air, the sites, the nature, the rivers, the vast and majestic mountains. It made me feel how tin we are in this vast universe. It was amazing to simply admire the clouds and mountains, vast lakes in the midst of barren mountains, it makes us realize the beauty of our planet. It is indeed humbling. 

Being able to take decisions and listening to you heart is about keeping your mind free, feeling light and jovial and playful, to develop this further I have thought of playing a game, doing something fun. I enjoy holidays (Am sure you enjoy them too!) and what would be even more exciting in an Investment Holiday - a holiday where you have fun, as well as learn about investing, money, business and other things. 

I'm sure most of you must have read the most recent which I wrote with Anubha Singhania- FUNdamentals of Investing in Equities and Assets That Create Wealth. It has been getting lovely reviews and I am happy you have liked it. I thought as a way of giving back, why not have a nice contest where one lucky person gets to win a Free Investment Holiday?

On this Investment Holiday, you get to visit an all expense paid trip to a holiday destination and get to learn about investing. On this holiday, there will be other fellow Happionaires also. We are planning this somwhere around December.

All you need to do is write a review of the book on Flipkart, share it on Twitter and Facebook with everyone, and email your name and review link to and (For those of you who don't have Twitter or Facebook, just write a review and send in your name). One lucky winner will win an all expense paid trip for this Investment Holiday. This time there is no analyzing - just pure fun!

Let us all pray to Lord Krishna for his blessings and wish all of you a very Happy Janmashtimi!

Keep smiling and making most of every opportunity! 

Yogesh Chabria

P.S - I had a good laugh reading this - am sure you guys will too. It is by Jasmine Chabria, my sister.


Umesh Gandhi said...

Beautiful post Yogesh ji. Moments like you mentioned really do make us realize mre about life. At the end in this life we need to be good and try to do good to as many people as we can before we leave.

licpksankar said...

yogesh ji
every time i am confusing
regarding market condition you will appear in web and correcting me as like krishna teaches arjuna
thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent posts

Anonymous said...

is yogesh giving green signal to invest in holiday co.

nikunj said...


Unknown said...

Sir. Can u give two pixs for long term to make myself happionaire.

Unknown said...

Sir, pls suggest two script for long term

Asodekar's said...

Hi Yogesh,
After a long gap I am writing or even reading. Can you share any one tip how to stop analyzing? I believe on one fact that its difficult to change nature. Here I am posting you a query very fundamental, that can be helpful to many. Its indeed true, Analysing is sometime curse. One misses first flight, show, game, any thing. Ignorance is bliss. But how to teach a mind to orient towards becoming irrational? Its all about subconcious and concious. Human memory can not be fragmented, erased, rewritten very easily...may be in future its possible... but any of your practical tip should help..
Thanks in advance

licpksankar said...

in my village near coimbatore(tamilnadu)my friend without any knowledge blindly bought 25cents at the rate of 20,000 on 2007 now he sold at 1,00,000 per cent total profit of 20 lakhs, investment amount is only 5 lakhs.
but i analyze market technicals and others but not get any amount
here i feared about market so i am not invested that 5 lakhs in market ,now i thinking which one is correct so please give who is perfect investor
thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello. The content is really nice

Bhim said...

Dear Yogesh,
This is certainly my best read of 2013-beginning. Keep writing and motivating all of us!


Hirdesh said...

Dear Yogesh
I like your articles.
The human angle is touching.
But your theory behind first sentence 'Millions of years ago in the dessert there was a very weak and small animal.' is a speculation ( i am sorry to say that)
take care